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Helping you inspire, empower, and uplift the world

How can I help?

Hi 🙂

My name is Daniel Roquéo, and I am a freelance content writer as well as the founder of The Love & Light Store.

I help individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses,
write inspiring, empowering, uplifting and high-quality SEO content for their blogs and websites. Increasing their website traffic as well as Google ranking.

Having run both blogs and websites for many years myself, I’ve cultivated and honed my ability to harness and use the power of the written word.

I offer my services to individuals such as yourself that they too may harness that power. Individuals that seek to inspire, empower and uplift others.

In other words, I only work with those who seek to make the world a better place for all. Rather than seeking only increased profit and more money.

If you want me to take you on as a client, seeking to make the world better in your unique way, needs to be your intention.

If it is, I would love to be of service to you. ❤️

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I will help you increase your visibility on the internet

If you are like most businesses and entrepreneurs, you probably want to be visible and easily found on the internet. This requires a degree of active and purposeful SEO work on your website.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and it is really only about two things; getting the users to like your website and getting Google to like your website.

Google’s mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

In light of this, SEO is very much about increasing the User eXperience (UX). In other words, the more the users like your page, the more Google will like your page. And the more Google likes your page the more users will find your page.

One of the factors contributing to increased User eXperience is that your page is regularly updated with new quality content – which is the reason why so many websites have a blog that is continuously updated.

The challenge for most business owners and entrepreneurs is that they don’t have the time nor the necessary skills to write high-quality blog posts. This is where I come in.

I will help you:
– Write inspiring high-quality blog posts of 300 words at the minimum (which is what Google requires to deem it high-quality). All posts are written to match your unique voice and tone.
– Create unique and eye-catching headlines inspiring the user to click on your post and actually read it.
– Make sure to use the keywords you wish to rank for
– Enhance the post and message by carefully choosing matching images and pictures.
– Per agreement, I will upload it all to your CMS and publish it on your website
– Share the posts on my social media accounts as well as on this website, thus creating the backlinks that Google loves.

This leaves room for you to do what you do best; providing your service to others. In other words, you get to do what you love and do best, and I get to do what I love and do best. Everybody wins, right?