The Path to Freedom podcast

The Path to Freedom podcast

The Path to Freedom Podcast is a weekly and practical podcast is about spirituality and the principles of Life.

Its intention is to move, touch, inspire, empower, and uplift us to develop a healing consciousness, that we may forever allow for greater and grander expressions of who and what we are to emerge with ease and grace.

The Path to Freedom podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, and in many other places where podcasts can be found.

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The Path to Freedom Podcast

The Path to Freedom Podcast video archive

Please enjoy these recordings of each of the Path to Freedom Podcast episodes.
More will be added each week so be sure to come back.

61. Self-love is the foundation of freedom
60. Inherent in every YES there is a NO
59. Willingness is a major key to freedom
58. Give fully and freely – always
57. Let’s say YES to our future self
56. Let us trust in the unknown – and go!
55. Meditation – the pathway to freedom
54. Mining the good from our challenges – it’s hard work
53. Guided meditation – calling forth Divine and perfect health
52. Nia – Through movement we find health
51. Eternally sourced, fueled, and funded
50.Let’s honor and tend to our Spiritual Needs
49. A strong foundation sustains a high vibration
48. Let’s go deeper wider and higher    
47. Come back to the breath and begin again
46. The four dimensions of surrender
45. Surrender, surrender, surrender
44. Guided meditation – calling forth abundance
43. It is not for us to figure anything out
42. Chemicalization – a Divine Blessing
41. A silent meditation
40. Embrace and allow that which is to be as it is – whatever it is
39. Breathe and Celebrate 
38. Pray yourself up
37. Disconnect to reconnect
36. Guided Meditation – what is seeking to emerge?
35. Listen… and obey
34. When challenged – come back to principle
33. Guided meditation All is well
32. All is well, peace be still pt. 2
31. The Platinum Rule
30. The Powerful offerings of Agape University
29. I want to be more loving in my heart
28. Finding the wholeness in the Nowness of this moment
27. What is mine to do – a gamechanger
25.A conversation with Rev Cynthia Ambriz about developing a healing consciousness
23. A Conversation with Rev. Kim Stanwood Terranova about the Technology of Intentions
22. A conversation with Rev. Carlton Teabout about Affirmative Prayer
14. Dream the Life to live the Dream
13. Confusion – a Spiritual Blessing
12. Living the Surrendered Life
11. Heaven is Right Here – Let’s Live in it
10. Always begin in Gratitude
9. Have an impossible dream
8. It’s time to forgive
7. better to be grateful than resistful
5. The power of intention
4. The vision
3. The sacred laws governing our universe
2. The gift of independent thinking
1. And so it begins