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Allow your dream to unfold – perfectly

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Allow your dream to unfold – perfectly

In order to allow our dream to keep unfolding, we need to release our fears and have faith in the process. We need totrust in the perfect order. Always.

As any entrepreneur and freelance writer knows, from time to time we bump into periods when inspiration and creativity appear dissipated. Where it seems as though we are stagnated, at a standstill. In those periods it is vital that we keep our faith in the process, that we release our worries and keep trusting in the perfect order that always reigns supreme. That we may allow our dream to keep unfolding perfectly.

Release all worries

I am in such a period right now. Where inspiration seems to have dissipated. Where the creative juices that close to always, are flowing like a raging rapid through me – have come to a standstill.

I have been in this place before – many times. And even though it has been a long time since I felt like this, I can still remember the time when fear and worry I used to run me. Whenever I used to feel fear or worry, whenever I would not feel inspiration brewing within me, I used to think that something was wrong.

I used to experience fear, thinking that the dream was no longer unfolding. That the process of unfolding had been thwarted or stymied. That I was no longer pulled forward by my dream or vision.

It used to scare me so much that I felt I had to double my efforts to keep moving forward. I had this perception that it was all up to me to make it happen.

I had no faith in the process at all. None whatsoever. No faith in the perfect order. I thought that manifestation was about me making it happen. Forcing it to happen. And unless I did it, it would not happen.

I have now learned that nothing really can stop my dreams and vision to stop unfolding. Other than my fears, worries, and doubts. Since then, I have gratefully learned that manifestation is not about me making it happen, but about me making it welcome.

Since then, I have learned to listen to the still small voice within me, telling me that everything is alright – even when there appears to be no forward movement.

I am so grateful that I have learned that the only thing that can prevent manifestation from occurring are my fears, worries, and doubts.

And so, I have learned to release my worries. Or rather, I rarely experience fear or worry – even when I seem not be moving forward.

There is only perfect order in the cosmos

In all of the cosmos there nothing but perfect order. Nothing ever happens by chance, but everything happens according to sacred law.

There is cause, and there is effect. Our predominant feeling tone – that which we chronically think, feel and talk about – is the cause. Manifestation or coagulation of that feeling tone – is the effect.

In other words; as long as I hold on to my dream and vision, as long as I, every day, move in the direction of the unfolding of my dream – the perfect order is working on my behalf.

Holding on to, and attaching to fears, worries, and doubts only serve to check the manifestation. Holding on to my faith in the process, to my faith in the perfect order, allows my dream to unfold. Even when it appears as though nothing is happening on the surface.

I have learned to depend upon this order. As an entrepreneur and as a freelance writer.

Life is always for us

I have come to realize that Life is always for each of us, never ever against any of us. Life is forever supporting all of us, in the unfolding of our dreams and visions. Of all of our heart’s desires.

As long as we learn to have faith in the process and surrender to Life’s kind and gentle guidance.

In the field of freelance writing, besides having to deal with writers block, there will be times when we lose momentum. When there appears to be no forward motion.

But just like there is little or no apparent growth in nature during the winter season – which does not mean that nature’s unfolding has stopped. The unfolding of our dreams never ceases as long as we stay true to them.

Sometimes the growth is fast and apparent. At other times it is slow and almost invisible. Little tiny baby steps.

It really doesn’t matter if we can perceive this unfolding or not, as long as we have faith in the process of unfolding. And, as long as we have faith in the perfect order of the cosmos.

Have faith in the process

The unfolding process of our dreams and visions is a beautiful one – if we learn to have faith in it. We need to learn to have more faith in that which yet cannot be seen with the naked eye, than in that which can be seen.

It is perfectly fine to experience fear, worry, and doubt. They are all telltale signs that we are growing and expanding. That we are going beyond our present paradigms and comfort zones. In that sense our fears and worries are beautiful. Something to be grateful for. But we need to find a way to release our worries, all fears, all doubts.

We need to find a way to not attach to them or identify with them and rather see that which lies beyond our present circumstances and situations.

Learning to have faith in the unseen is how miracles are allowed to occur. In all of manifestation, it does not matter if we can’t see the “how’s” of it. Life will handle the how. The sacred laws will handle the how.

All we need to concern ourselves with is the “What“. What is that we want, what is our dream, our vision? What is that our hearts desire.

When we may describe and articulate that which our hearts desire, and when we hold true to it – even in the face of contradictory circumstances – Life will show us the way. Always and forever.

It really is that simple. Not always easy but always that simple. Holding on to the feeling tone of our dream having already manifested is how we allow for our dreams to keep unfolding.

Continue – keep moving on.

In other words, if we keep moving forward. If we, each day, do something that moves us closer to the unfolding of our dreams, we evoke the sacred laws to work for us. We allow the perfect order to work for our benefit.

As long as we do, there is nothing that can stop the unfolding of our dreams. Nothing.


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