Divine and perfect health – Guided meditation

The human body is a beautiful, powerful, and intelligent instrument and ally to us. It is forever seeking to be in balance and harmony. And in any given moment it performs an amazing number of actions and functions to remain in that balance and harmony. One of the miracles of the body is that it…
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in this guided meditation; peace be still, I will gently and lovingly guide you to that inherent freedom.

Guided meditation – peace be still

Peace, being a Divine quality is forever present. It, just like all the other qualities of God, intrinsic to your nature. And so, in this guided meditation; peace be still, I will gently and lovingly guide you to that inherent freedom. Meditation is one of the most powerful spiritual practices there is. It allows you…
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I am in a blessed state of not feeling good right now. It is blessed because I know that sometimes not feeling good is good in progress.

Sometimes not feeling good is good in progress

Right now, I am not feeling too good. I am going through a period of darkness where the old is dying, that the new may emerge. In this period of sweet release of the small and limited, I experience fitfulness and restlessness. As I know what is going on, this is a beautiful thing. It…
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A powerful morning routine – video

As awakening individuals, we are all solely responsible for our own vibration. In other words, it is our job to maintain a high vibration throughout the day. And so, it is of essence that we start off the day in a high vibration. This is where this simple yet powerful morning routine comes in. The…
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Spiritual confusion is a blessed state of transformation

Spiritual confusion – a blessed state

Since a few days back i find myself in a sort of no-mans-land. I am not who I used to be, but the new version of me has not yet emerged. As much turbulence, unease and fitfulness as this brings; it is a blessed state. It is called spiritual confusion. A period of integration These…
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I am not here to make anything happen but rather allow that which is happening to happen in and through me

I have been trying to make it happen

For the last few weeks, I have been experiencing discomfort within. Most of the joy, the inspiration, and the creativity that I have becomes so used to have been missing. Yesterday, I was guided to realize the reason for this. In my creative endeavors, I have been trying to make it happen rather than seeking…
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In this challenge, my lesson is to learn to deepen my trust in the goodness of God and the Divine order, rather than trusting the fearful ego.

I’ve got to trust God more than fear

Right now, since about a week back, I find myself deep in a tremendous challenge. I know I need to trust God more than the fear, but boy o boy, what a challenge that is right now. I can’t see the path before me Something old is dying within me. Something new is emerging. I…
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The mission I recently caught has been confirmed, through the grace of God it has now expanded further. Thank you God for guiding and leading me forth.

Mission confirmed – I accept

About a week ago, through a sudden flash of insight, my mission was refined. I knew, to a degree, beyond what I have ever known before, what I am here to do. Yesterday at a family gathering, that mission was confirmed. And I accept. There is only Divine order and I bow to its perfection…
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A new iteration of my mission has been revealed to me. A new me is now emerging. How I love this beautiful gift that life is. I love every step of it.

My mission just got a whole lot clearer

I had revelation yesterday. It was a beautiful moment of catching an insight, clarifying my mission to me even more. All of a sudden, my life has become even more meaningful, and I am so grateful for it. A new revelation Yesterday I had a revelation. I was in my car, when I all of…
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I am here to give and to share of that which I have to give and share. I am not here to get anything.

I am here to give and share, never to get

A few days ago I became aware of a perception within me. A perception of lack and scarcity. Which has been very well camouflaged in my subconscious. A perception that I am not here to give and to share, but that I am here to get, what is rightfully mine. In other words, a thought…
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