Divine and perfect health – Guided meditation

Divine and perfect health – Guided meditation

The human body is a beautiful, powerful, and intelligent instrument and ally to us. It is forever seeking to be in balance and harmony. And in any given moment it performs an amazing number of actions and functions to remain in that balance and harmony. One of the miracles of the body is that it can heal itself from anything and everything. If given the right conditions. In this guided meditation – Divine and perfect health, you are guided to give the body permission to heal itself from whatever pain, injury, or disease you may be experiencing. Thus creating those right conditions for healing to take place.

Divine and perfect health is intrinsic to your nature

You are made in the image and likeness of God. Now God, is a loving presence. Never in absence.

There is no place or space where God is not, but God is in all of Life. Animate and inanimate.

Please be aware that God cannot diminish itself, divide itself into parts, contradict itself, or compromise itself. But God right where God is, all of God is.

Including, Divine and perfect health. That is a quality of God and so, whatever your experience may be, Divine and perfect health is right where you are. Because God is right where you are.

Give your body permission to heal itself

Imagine, if you will, a seed planted in the soil. If given the right conditions; water, nutrition, the right temperature and so on, that seed will begin to grow and unfold.

As the potential of the seed becoming what it is destined to be, is inherent within the seed.

Likewise, Divine and perfect health is inherent within your body. Your body is destined to be healthy, vital and freed.

In fact, you have a mandate from God to be healthy. But for that inherent health to spring forth the right conditions are needed.

Mental and emotional states such as fear, worry, doubt, animosity, resentment, and hate create toxic chemicals in the body. These toxic chemicals, in turn, create conditions for disease and degeneration to take place.

And so, as you become still and learn to call forth joy, peace, gratitude, Love, bliss, and so on, you are now creating tonic chemicals in the body. These tonic chemicals help the body heal itself from any disease or illness.

This is what this meditation is about. This is what I invite you to participate in with me.


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