Please be aware that God is not some anthropomorphic man in the sky, made in the image and likeness of us humans.

God is a Loving presence, fully present in everything and everywhere at all times.

In other words, there is no spot where God is not.

In yet other words, God has nothing to do with religion, although religions have had the tendency to contriute human qualities such as anger, jealousy, and judgment onto God.

God is not made in the image and likenss of humans, but us humans are made in the image and likeness of God.

God is forever and ever for each and all of us, never ever against any of us.

Always seeking to support, lead, and guide us as God  is nothing but Love and can not change up on itself.

God is a loving presence that is never in absence

The Will of God

If God is forever omnipresent and the source of all of life, why then was life created?

The purpose of Life and thus, the will of God is really quite simple to understand:

for all of life to come into a forever greater and grander expression of itself

The Spirit of God wants all of life to grow, and to unfold, and to expand, continuously allowing the small and limited to die that the new and expanded may emerge.

It wants this, as this is how God itself is allowed to come into forever greater and grander expression.

In, through, and as all of life. In, through, and as your life.

This is what the evolutionary impulse that penetrates and permeates all of the cosmos is all about.

The impulse that is inherent and intrinsic within all of life.

Another way of saying it is that God gets to experience more of itself in and as all of life.

The more life grows, unfolds, and expands, the more of itself may God realize.

Which is why God is forever for each of us, never against any of us.