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Have faith in the sweet, still and small voice

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Have faith in the sweet, still and small voice

Our Highest Self is forever guiding us forward. As a freelance writer we are wise to learn to hear and surrender to the still small voice within us.

As a freelance writer, there are many choices to be made. Many forks in the road. Learning to listen and surrender to the soft whisperings of the still small voice within us is a beautiful approach to this life. We always need to remember that Life is always for us and that the Highest potential within us (our Highest Self) forever is leading us forth.

Allow the still small voice to guide you

You have probably had moments when you just internally knew something without really knowing how you knew it. Either, you knew it, or you felt it, or you saw it, or you heard it. This sort of knowing is the intuition or the still small voice as I like to call it.

This inner guidance is the voice of our Highest Self, our Highest Potential – and it is always and forever leading and guiding us forth in life.

Oftentimes, it is hard to hear the sweet whisperings of this still small voice. Often it is drowned out by the not so still and small noise of the ego, and of the world.

But nonetheless it is there, for anyone who become still enough to pick up.

We are wise to surrender to it. To follow it. After all, it is the voice of our Highest Self, leading and guiding us towards our highest potential.

I always seek to tune in to my intuition to guide me forth

It was many years ago that I learned to really trust and have faith in my intuition. That I learned to surrender to it that it may guide me forward along my path. And man oh man, am I glad I did?

I have been led through challenges and circumstances that have appeared dark and bleak. And through following my intuition, seeming obstacles have literally dissolved before my eyes. Time and again.

Right now, is actually one of those moments when I pay more attention to the still small voice to guide me than to the world. When starting up, many freelance writers hang out at various websites where there are job post listings. You can find a list of them here.

Obviously one of the first things I did was to sign up for those sites as well. Only, the still small voice within me whispered to me that those sites would not be for me.

I had (have) this inner knowing that my path laid in another direction, that I would not find my clients on such websites but rather through me seeking them out.

And so I stopped looking at them, and have spent my time creating this website, getting the posts on Holistic SEO ready, and working on my pitch instead.

This is my path as it has been revealed to me. I am not saying that it is yours. But I am saying that it is worthwhile to seek to tune into your intuition and allow it to lead you forth.

The still small voice speaks in different ways

The thing about our intuition is that it speaks to us in various ways. To me, it comes as an inner knowing. I simply know without knowing how I know. I just know.

To others it comes as sound, as feelings, as images.

In other words, we need to learn to recognize the unique way in which our Highest Self speaks to us, through the still small voice. That we may surrender to it and give it permission to guide and lead us forward. That we may ourselves permission to actively take part in the unfolding of whatever vision we have set for ourselves.

Life is always for us – let’s surrender to it

If there is one thing I have learned as an entrepreneur, it is that there is never any hurry. Life is always for us, never against us and for anyone who has a strong desire and an intention to have that desire realized – Life will show the way.

There are sacred universal laws that see to this.

In other words, as a freelance writer or an entrepreneur, we need not think we need to make anything happen. It is not up to us to make manifestation occur.

Whatever desire and vision we have for ourselves and our business, it is happening. It has a life in and of its own, and all we need to do is to allow it to happen in and through us.

This means bracketing the fear, worry and doubt that we, from time to time experience.

Life is forever for each of us, never against any of us.

Our Highest Self is always leading us forward

Regardless of whether we know it or not, our Highest Self is forever guiding and leading us forward. Along our unique and perfect path. There is no moment when it is not guiding and leading us.

However, as many of us are so preoccupied with paying attention to whatever is going on around us, or the thoughts running through our minds – we are not still enough to hear and catch this guidance.

Or we may catch it, but we discard it as nonsense – as it is not bound by logic or reason.

Learning to discern these intuitive hits from all of the noise our egos give rise to is imperative. Learning to trust this inner guidance is vital.

As we venture down our path as freelance writers, we are bound to make mistakes, and takes detours. Both are a part of any endeavour. However, by learning to discern, trust and surrender to the still small voice, the journey becomes less bumpy, less “detoury so to speak.

Over the years, I have learned to tune into and trust my intuition implicitly. To the point where I am no longer questioning the validity of the guidance I get.

When I first began to learn this, I had all these doubts. I was still trapped in the intellectual mind where logic and reason are the cornerstones of thinking. And so, whenever I would get an intuitive hit – there was a process of reasoning with myself before I either chose to surrender and follow my intuition, or discard it.

Now, however, I rarely even think about the implications of the guidance I catch. I never question it. As I get catch the inner knowing, I simply surrender to it and follow it. Without hesitation.

I know that it is my Higher Self that is guiding me toward my highest potential. And that this Higher Self has access to so much more information that I do. In other words that there is no reason whatsoever for me to doubt it.

And so I follow it.


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