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Holistic SEO

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Holistic SEO

Many business owners and entrepreneurs, when they hear the term SEO – they immediately begin to think of is choosing the keywords they want their business to rank for.

Keyword research is obviously a vital part of SEO. However, it is not all of what SEO involves.
The term Holistic SEO encompasses a number of components.

All of which any website owner needs to consider if they want to increase their ranking with Google.

As seen below there are five components with regards to the Holistic approach to SEO. Browse through them and click on the buttons to digest into whatever piques your interest.

As this website is forever unfolding and expanding I am always adding more amazing content to the various pages.

In other words, I invite you to keep coming back as more awesome content and value will be added all of the time.

Awesome User eXperience (UX)

A website that is loved by its users is loved by Google which is why it is imperative to make your page an awesome user experience.

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Awesome Keyword Research

Are you using the keywords that are relevant to you? In other words, are you using the ones you want to rank for? Making awesome keyword research is crucial.

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Awesome Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to making optimizations to your website and server that enables search engine spiders to crawl and index your site more efficiently.

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Awesome Smartphone SEO

Smartphones are becoming a greater and greater part of most individuals lives. Making sure that your website is optimized for smartphone users is becoming more and more critical.

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