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How to overcome fear

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How to overcome fear

The key to success, to overcoming fear lies in understanding what fear is, what challenges are. This understanding is what allows the entrepreneur to unfold

As I awoke this morning, I had a strong experience of fear. It was like something had taken hold of my heart and was pressing it with all its might. As I am writing this post, I am still in the process of overcoming this fear. My belly is churning and doing summersaults. My mind is constantly going to all the things that can go wrong with my freelance writer endeavors. Fear is one of the greatest challenges we face as a freelance writer. Learning to overcome that fear is one of the major keys to success, if we want to keep expanding and unfolding.

Fear is natural for any freelance writer

It is funny how things unfold. I was planning on writing a post today, dealing with fear and how it is the entrepreneur’s worst enemy and challenge. nly when I woke up, I had this intense experience of fear myself.

And so I’ll write the post, but from a more personal perspective than I had first planned. Learning to overcome fear, truly, is one of the major keys to success we have at our disposal.

Anyone who has ever sought to move in the direction of their hearts desire have experienced fear. Fear is a natural ingredient in the process of unfolding.

As we move out of our comfort zone – we will experience fear. As we venture beyond the familiar, into the unknown, we will experience fear. I know I do – every time. This is what this is all about for me in this experience. I am leaving the old and familiar behind and am now moving into uncharted territory. And so fear arises frm within me. Whether I want it or not.

Fear is a sign of good in progress

What I, gratefully have learned, is that fear is not a sign that something is wrong. It is not evidence that I am doing something incorrectly. But it is what inevitably follows whenever I stretch myself far enough to go way beyond my current norm.

And so, as anyone who is new as freelance writer will testify, fear comes and goes. It is a beautiful sign of expansion, of growth, of unfolding.

In other words, experiencing fear is a good thing. Where there is no fear, there is no expansion and unfolding. Only stagnation. I don’t know abut you, but I certainly don’t want to be stagnated. Stagnation and staying the same is not an option for me.

I love the continuous movement forward. I love the process of growth and unfolding, where I constantly get to challenge myself into greater and grander expression of myself. Into greater and grander versions of myself.

Overcoming fear is an absolute key to success

Learning to overcome fear is eally all about realizing what fear is. In other words, understanding is a vital ingredient to the success recipe of any entrepreneur.

As I wrote above, fear is nothing but a sign of progression. Of the forward motion toward a desire or a vision or a goal.

I am so grateful that I learned this fro one of my great teachers Bob Proctor. Having learned this allows me to experience the fear without being run by it.

In other words, I can experience the fear and still keep moving forward in the direction I have chosen, toward my heart’s desire.

I have vowed to myself never to let fear stop me from doing anything. I have been run by fear for so long until I finally understood what fear was. No more. I have promised myself to set myself free to pursue whatever my heart guides me to do. And so I keep on going, despite the fear that I am experincing.

I breathe into the fear. I allow it to be there, as it is. There is nothing I need to do about it, but letting it be.

I remind myself that is has nothing to do with my abilities, with where I am or where I am going. And I continue – as another amazing teacher of mine; Michael Bernard Beckwith says from time to time:


Every challenge I face is nothing but preparation

To most individuals, challenges are something to avoid. They don’t realize that it is through our challenges that we grow and unfold. Our challenges are the steppingstones by which we climb to ever higher levels of excellence and expression.

Everything that we encounter is nothing but a preparation for that which is to come. All of our challenges are preparing us for the greater that is to come.

Understanding this is also a central key to success as it allows for us not to get too caught up with how things appear to be on the surface.

Life is always for me, never against me. This I know. This I live by.

I get to choose

And so, as I am now writing this post, as I am currently experiencing this fear, it doesn’t bother me that much. I know that I am right on track. I know that the fear eventually will dissolve. And when it does, I will have gained momentum. I will have grown. I will have expanded.

Nothing is wrong. Nothing is out of place. In fact I am in the exact right place. Right where I need to be. And I choose to keep moving forward.

Because I always do get to choose. Choose either to react to my experiences or to respond to them. I choose to respond, and so I choose not to be bothered by the fear.

I choose to experience the fear and simply let it be as it is. Nothing lasts forever, and so, as long as I don’t resist the fear, it will eventually dissolve and dissipate.

I am so grateful for all the teachers I have had that has taught me all these beautiful things. Because it is this understanding that sets me free. It is this understanding that sets us all free. This is how we overcome fear – through understanding.

I take on the feeling tone of gratitude for experiencing the fear – and I keep moving forward.

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