I am here to give and share, never to get

I am here to give and share, never to get

I am here to give and to share of that which I have to give and share. I am not here to get anything.
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A few days ago I became aware of a perception within me. A perception of lack and scarcity. Which has been very well camouflaged in my subconscious. A perception that I am not here to give and to share, but that I am here to get, what is rightfully mine. In other words, a thought vibrationally setting me up for lack and scarcity.

A perception of lack and scarcity

As I was in my car the other day, contemplating the nature of abundance, all of a sudden I had an insight. Or rather a revelation.

I became aware of the feeling tone of lack and scarcity as I was thinking about The Love & Light Store and my vision for her.

It was so vague and well disguised that it took me a few moments to detect it. And to see it for what it was.

And it has been hidden there for a long, long time.

I became aware of a sense of entitlement when it comes to The Love & Light Store. An attachment to a particular outcome.

In other words, I have a perception that The Love & Light Store is going to bring me something. That I will get something from her. That she is going to deliver something to me.

This is not an abundance state of consciousness. But the vibration of lack and scarcity.

The ego is a true trickster

The ego truly is a real trickster.

I have spent countless hours praying, affirming and visioning The Love & Light Store and her path, her contribution to the world.

What she will bring. How she will move, and touch, inspire and empower individuals from all over the world to live, grow, and expand in Love & Light.

How I will get to give and share of my gifts and abilities through her.

Yet, for all the affirming, for all the praying and the blessing of her, the ego, as sneaky as it is, has been hiding underneath my conscious radar. Hiding with a perception of lack and scarcity.

For all the years I have been on this path, all the encounters I have had with the ego, I have to admit that I was surprised.

Surprised at how sneaky the ego is.

Here I was thinking that The Love & Light Store was all about giving and sharing, when in my egoic mind – it was all about what I would get. What I would receive.

That she was going to bring me something, financial abundance, prosperity, freedom and a bunch of other things that my heart desires. That I desire.

What I discovered was that underneath the superficial perception of giving and sharing, was an attachment to an outcome. I do this – to get that. I did that – to get this.

And so, I realized that in a secret compartment of my subconscious, there was getting and acquiring embedded. In other words, I carry the vibration of lack and scarcity.

Not only does this set the sacred laws to work against me, as what I am affirming is not having enough.

Moreover, I am on a spiritual path of freedom, which means that I on a path of releasing and letting go of such small and limited perceptions and paradigms.

I am here to give and to share

And, I know that I did not come here to this planet to get anything. But I came to give and to share. This is why all of us are here.

To give and share of that which we have to give and to share of. Fully and freely.

Just like the sun gives and shares of its gifts of warmth and luminosity. As the blackbird freely shares its beautiful song on an early spring morning.

This is the Love of God. Giving and sharing fully and freely.

This is why we have come here. Not to attach to a certain outcome. Not to have an agenda to our giving. Nor to have a condition to our sharing.

We are to deliver our gifts fully and freely.

This is what I am learning.

The past me was totally run by seeking to get and hoarding. I used to not care on iota about what I was giving, as long as I got.

Now, a new order and priority is emerging. My heart and soul is guiding me to give and share.

And so I am grateful for this new discovery, allowing me to learn yet another beautiful lesson.

Vibrational alignment with receiving

For all the visions I have for The Love & Light Store, I know that it is not up to me to make it happen.

I am to simply allow it to happen, to surrender to the happening and make it welcome. Making it welcome through my willingness to grow and unfold in alignment with my visions.

This is how the sacred laws operate.

And while I am willing to grow and unfold, I need to turn more of my attention toward what I am giving, what gifts I am delivering and dispensing, than toward what I am to get out of it.

I am releasing the “what’s in it for me” consciousness, and through this sweet release, magically, I vibrationally align myself more with having, and abundance.

Which, in turn, vibrationally aligns myself more with receiving.

Thank you God for helping me expand my giving and sharing

I truly love this adventure of the soul that I am on. Looking back at who I used to be and what used to run me. I am overwhelmed with gratitude over what my life has become.

Over who I have become.

I am so grateful and thankful for who I am, where I am, and where I am going.

God’s blessings are pouring over me, more than I could ever have imagined. The peace that I am experiencing, the joy, and the Love that is bubbling up from within me, is beyond what I can describe.

Thank you, God, for forever guiding and leading me. I give thanks for the still small voice within me that is eternally whispering words of wisdom and guidance.

I love this path, I love this love. And I love how good keeps flowing into my life. How insights and revelations come at me. From all over the place. All of the time.

Life truly is a gift. With so much to be grateful for.

Oh, and another thing I am grateful for.

As I was in my car, receiving this insight, there was no blame and guilt there at all. I can remember a time where insights were followed by self-loathing and impatience.

But, now, all I know is gratitude. Gratitude for having come as far as I have, yet gratitude for only getting started.

I am so thankful and appreciative of the gifts and the abilities I have been given. For all that I give and share. And that God is forever guiding and leading me to give and share even more.


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