I need to re-connect with the nowness of this moment

I need to re-connect with the nowness of this moment

meditation is re-connecting with the nowness of this moment

The nowness of this moment, is the most important of all moments. It is the only moment there ever is. Right now though, I have found myself slipping away from this moment, and so I need to re-connect with the nowness of this moment.

I have slipped out of the moment

In this moment, I find myself more out of the moment than in the moment.

As a direct result, I have a strong sense of disconnect from God. From the eternal.

I know that I truly cannot ever be disconnected from God, as God is in all things. But I feel as though the connection has been severed.

Where there used to be peace flowing through me, now there is an unease.

A restlessness has taken hold of me, that I am not comfortable with. The joy seems gone.

The gratitude seems missing. Clarity of sight seems to have been replaced by confusion.

I am usually well connected to where I am and where I am going.

And so even when faced with challenges I oftentimes may be steadfast. But for the moment I feel as though there is no forward motion at all.

I know where I am going, I have my vision intact. It’s just that it is like I am out of fuel. 

All is good and well

I realize the cause of this.

There is nothing wrong, only a slight malpractice on my part.

I realize that I need to re-connect with the nowness of this moment to a greater degree than I have been for the last few weeks.

My life lately, have been very hectic.

And although I have performed my daily mediation each and every day that I have been able to, I have slipped out of the nowness the moment.

I have not done what I need to do in between meditations enough to keep me anchored in the Holy Now.

Which is why I now find myself, more or less trapped in time.

There is no stillness, there is hardly any space in between myself and my thoughts.

Even when I seek to be still, stillness eludes me.

And so I find myself constantly jumping back and forth between the past and the future, rarely stopping in the nowness of the moment to breathe.

I need to re-connect with the nowness of this moment.

I realize as I am writing this, which I truly need to do for the sake of my own sanity, that none of this may or may not make any sense to anyone reading it.

If it does – that’s great.

If it doesn’t that’s okay of course.

I am not really writing this for anyone but myself, as writing helps me re-connect with the nowness of this moment.

It helps me pause and allow for a level of stillness to emerge from within me.

Which is what I need more than anything right now. I need to find a way to come back to the Holy Now.

Find a way to re-connect with the nowness of this moment that the clarity of sight that I have grown so used to may emerge once again. 

I know that it is a choice, a moment to moment choice I have to make. To, from time to time, stop and breathe, consciously and deeply.

That I may pull back from all the craziness in the world.

And I am not talking about the insanity that is in the world, but the crazy thoughts, the thoughts of separation that is bubbling up into my awareness from within me.

I breathe and I receive

Breathing and receiving, that is pretty much what it is all about for me at this point.

There is nothing else I need to do but to pause, breathe and receive.

Receive clarity of sight, that I may see the world through the eyes of God rather than the ego.

Receive the ability to hear guidance, receive the strength to shine evermore clearly.

It is through the breathing, deep and conscious that I will re-connect with the nowness of this moment.

That is all I need to do.

Coming back to the Holy Now over and over and over again, that is what I need to do right now.

This is my lesson at this stage of my growth and unfolding, that I may find the peace that I know resides within me.

That I may see the world through the eyes of God once again. So that I may hear the sweet and loving whispers of the still small voice within me, that I may be of even greater benefit to humanity.

It all comes down to my moment by moment choices

I know that my destiny, the road ahead is determined by the choices I make in each moment.

I know that unless I make the choices that are in alignment with the vision I have created for my life, that vision will not be able to emerge through me into this dimension.

Everything is working for my good, this I know. And so in this moment I give thanks for this challenge that I am facing.

I give thanks for it as I know that it is truly a Divine gift and blessing that I am being given.

At this time, I  am now being given the opportunity to strengthen my spiritual practices, building even more powerful presence muscles.

I know this and so I give thanks for it.

The Divine order is always at play, even now. Even though I cannot fully see or feel it I know it to be so.

I know that through the Love and grace of God, I am being prepared for the next step and stage of my evolution.

Nothing is wrong. All is good and well, Divinely perfect.

And so I will do what I need to do is to stick to my spiritual practice.

I will keep meditating, whenever I get the chance, keep praying, keep being grateful, keep moving toward the vision I am being pulled by.

I will to what I am called upon to do.

Which is simply to pause. To become still, breathe and turn my attention inward. I am right where I am supposed to be.

I am learning exactly what I need to learn. For this I give thanks. For knowing this I give thanks.

I remember a time when my mind would be fretting over pretty much everything. When I would be trying to figure out what was wrong.

This is not so this time. In this moment I know that all is well and that all is good. I can see God’s beauty and presence in this circumstance.

Thank You God for guiding and leading me

And so, in this moment I am filled with such gratitude for being where I am, for being who I am and for where I am going.

It truly is a magical journey that I am upon.

And I feel so blessed for all that I am being given on all levels. Truly I am abundantly provided for, nurtured even when I don’t feel connected to it.

And so, I give thanks once again. For the gratitude I feel.

Rather than the worry, fear and doubt that used to run my mind. That used to run my life.

Thank you God.

Daniel Roquéo


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