Master the Art of Manifestation Collection

Master the Art of Manifestation collection 

Learn to Master the Art of Manifestation with this beautiful and powerful collection of my courses, talks, live events, podcast episodes, prayer, meditations, and more with regard to the Art of Manifestation.. 

The Collection has more than 100 audio and video tracks and over 45 hours worth of inspiration and practical tools. 

All to assist you in becoming an ever-expanding conscious co-creator of your life, allowing for the good that you desire to manifest with ever-increasing ease and grace.

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This is for you who desire to… 

– gain a deeper understanding of the Sacred Laws
– call forth the increased financial abundance in your life
– manifest greater health 
– get unstuck if you are feeling stuck in life
– catalyst your creative endeavor(s)
– transform any area of your life
– release fear, worry, and doubt where the future is concerned
– allow your life to flow with ever-expanding ease and grace

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Here is what a few students of the How to Master the Art of Manifestation Audio Course, which currently is rated 4.95/5.00 on Insight Timer, have to say about that particular course which makes up the firts part of this collection.

Highly recommended this course!


By FAR, the very best course yet on Insight Timer! THANK YOU, Daniel- my heart to yours. Favoriting this to revisit!


Many thanks. Great course. Doing it again and again. Alice


The course is long but well worth the listen. It offers lots of good information and spoke to me on many levels..I will listen again. Thank you


Such a positive and knowledgeable instructor. The best best review I can give is that I will return to the beginning of this course as suggested


Thank you very much for this wonderful course, I learned so much from it. God bless you for being such a great teacher, I really appreciate you


I absolutely loved it!! the only thing that I would of liked that would of helped at some point my questions would be answered before course was over with that being said I truly feel this course Is truly a blessing


This is a wonderful course with a wonderful, compassionate and generous guide in Daniel. Perfect for “beginners” and for people who need support with already established practices, or waning ones. I felt like I was being guided by a friend. I’m going to return to this. Thank you.


Hi Daniel, I just finished your course and I’ve got to say it’s been one of the most wonderful courses and experiences that I have had recently. I was so blessed by your wonderful sincerity and clarity, the content of the course was superb and so well put together, I felt blessed to have you as my teacher in the season. Thank you and many many blessings to you and your family.

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