Mission confirmed – I accept

Mission confirmed – I accept

The mission I recently caught has been confirmed, through the grace of God it has now expanded further. Thank you God for guiding and leading me forth.
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About a week ago, through a sudden flash of insight, my mission was refined. I knew, to a degree, beyond what I have ever known before, what I am here to do. Yesterday at a family gathering, that mission was confirmed. And I accept. There is only Divine order and I bow to its perfection

Catching my refined mission

About a week ago, as I was in my car, through a sudden flash of insight I knew what I have come here to do and be.

I mean, I have known that for a number of years, but now, all of a sudden I knew that to a degree beyond what I have known before.

I am here to serve, to be of service. That’s it.

It was perfectly clear to me, that that is all that I am here to do and be – to the best of my ability.

I am here to be exactly that, which I have prayed for to be: to stand in the service of God for the Greater Good of all, to be an ever-increasing, forevermore powerful conduit for God’s Love & Light to flow through.

To be a channel of healing. That last sentence, I have never thought of before. I just read it as my hands typed it right now.

That is another way of seeing it. That I am here to heal. To mend. By allowing God’s Love & Light flow through me.

That mission was confirmed to me yesterday. At a family gathering.

The ego does not go down without a fight

But before I get into that I just want to share something else. For me, whenever I catch an insight or a revelation – I have a few days of bliss and ecstasy.

Always followed by a number of days of not feeling good. Every time. First increased Light, then darkness.

I get irritable, agitated, I lose my patience and so forth.

That is the ego partially dying as a result of me catching the insight. However, the ego does go down without a fight.

This time, the fight lasted about three days.

Mission confirmed once…

And yesterday, the Light came back. And with it also a direct confirmation of my insights.

Not that I really need those insights, I mean, I know within me that what I caught was real. But still, it is always nice to get some sort of telltale sign that I am on the right path.

Yesterday, we had a family gathering. My family is quite small and so there were only twelve adults and 2 children there.

The children, whose parents got divorced a number of years back, I had never met before.

I rarely enjoy these gatherings. I don’t get much out of large companies where there is little to no room to talk about anything else but the surface and the appearance. Not much room to talk about that which is meaningful to me.

Sometimes I find ways to get out of them, this time I couldn’t – so I went.

We started off by having lunch on the patio. And as usual the two children finished their meal ahead of the rest of us and so they went to play in the garden.

Oftentimes my great escape, is finding children that I can play with, and so I finished my lunch and went into the garden to ask if I could join them in their games.

And so we began playing, and the Divine order had its way.

As per my mission, the kids and I had a wonderful times playing throughout the whole gathering. We played games, built tree houses, went into the woods.

We really connected and had so much fun. And I didn’t think at all about my mission – until it was time for them to leave.

Healing had taken place

The kids came over to say goodbye and I got a hug from them. It was nice hug, and I probably would not have thought anything about it, if it hadn’t been for the way the girl hugged me.

She wouldn’t let go. This was not a hug from somebody you’d met just a few hours before.

This hug was something else. Then it struck me, that this the way my own kids hug me. They really get in there, and they linger. It is the kind of hug you give to someone who is really, really important to you.

My mission bells began to ring, and I realized that in the absence of their dad (whom they supposedly don’t get to see very often), I got to give the gift of fatherhood – if only for a few hours.

Through the presence, and the Love that flowed through me, these two kids had gotten something that they were missing and so desperately needed.

Because of them, I was blessed to be able to carry out my mission – of being a channel of God’s Light and & Love. Healing happened, through me.

After the hug with the girl, I was so moved by what had just happened. Tears began to emerge, but as I didn’t know how to explain what had just happened to anyone, I chose to keep them within.

That mission confirmation, however, was a gift and a blessing that I will carry with me for a long, long time. As a reminder of why I am here.

That I am here to just that. Be a channel of Love, of Light, of Healing.

My mission was confirmed twice

The second mission confirmation came right after the children and their mother had left. As everybody else got ready to leave, and we all said our goodbyes – another relative came up to me.

She is a few years older than me and I was really looking up to her as a child, though we didn’t spend much time together.

Apart from us connecting for a few months about 4 years back, I have not spoken to her at all in maybe 10-15 years.

And during this gathering, I had not spoken to her at all, apart from a short while when she first arrived.

But now, as we said our goodbyes, she had tears in her eyes and she said that she was so moved, just by being close to me.

I was sort of dumbfounded by what she had said, and as there were others around we didn’t get to talk about it.

But that experience, on top of the experience with the two children, clearly confirms the mission that had been refined about a week ago.

This is what I have come for. This is why I am here.

I thank God that I am not seeking to take credit for this

As I drove home from this gathering I was so overwhelmed by all of this. I still am. I am grateful, I am humbled to have been given this mission.

To have been given this privilege.

But perhaps even more so, I am grateful for that fact that I detect no sense of entitlement about this. I detect nothing within me that seeks to take credit for this.

This is not about me as a person, or my personality. This is not about my abilities. It is me, having surrendered, keep surrendering that the Love & Light of God may flow through me.

Unencumbered, unobstructed.

I am truly grateful for having been “forced” (guided) to go to that gathering yesterday.

It was an experience, that I will carry with me for a long, long time – giving me the strength and courage to keep surrendering, to keep yielding to that which seeks to emerge in and through me.

To that which seeks to come forth.

It is funny, for a long time I have perceived writing as my greatest gift, but I realize now that writing is only the vehicle through which Healing may come through.

It is not me that is healing. I am simply the conduit, but I did not come here to write, nor to move and touch, inspire or empower – I came here to be an agent of healing.

An agent of healing

I ask you to bear with me because I need to process this myself.

This totally shifts my perception of myself and my mission. This shatters the old paradigm of who and what I am.

The still small voice within me is telling me, that because of yesterday – my life will not ever be the same again.

Something small and limited died within me yesterday, something new and expanded began to emerge.

My mission has been confirmed and refined again. The divine order is beautiful. This path is beautiful. I love every bit of it.

Even when I am forced to leap out of my comfort zone – and into something new.

There is only Divine order

Speaking of the Divine order, there is one more thing about yesterday that I want to share. Something that points to this beautiful order and serves to emphasize how we, as little humans, never can foresee the impact and significance of even the smallest little thing.

I have two children of my own and they along with their mother, was supposed to have come to this gathering as well.

Only our son refused. I need not go into why, but he did not want to go. And as she pretty much does everything he does, his little sister did not want to go either.

So, they and their mom stayed home instead. And I wound up going by myself.

The thing is that, had they come with me, those two other children would not have had the experience they had.

I would not had been able to give them my full attention.

In other words, that which seemed to be negative, that I went by myself to a family gathering – truly was a gift and a blessing.

There is only Divine order. Everything, always is working for our good.

The good of God is everywhere if only we seek to see it.

Message received, thank you God

God, I receive your message loud and clear. I have caught my mission – it has been confirmed and I accept it. I surrender to it, I yield to it.

This path that I am on, I am so grateful to be on it, for who I am, for where I am, and for where I am going.

I give thanks for the vision that is pulling me.

Life truly is a gift and a blessing. A magical adventure with gems and treasures of transformation lining the road.

Thank you, thank you God.

I bow to the perfection of life, to the perfection of the Divine order, to that which flows through me.


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