My mission just got a whole lot clearer

My mission just got a whole lot clearer

A new iteration of my mission has been revealed to me. A new me is now emerging. How I love this beautiful gift that life is. I love every step of it.
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I had revelation yesterday. It was a beautiful moment of catching an insight, clarifying my mission to me even more. All of a sudden, my life has become even more meaningful, and I am so grateful for it.

A new revelation

Yesterday I had a revelation. I was in my car, when I all of a sudden became aware of why I am here.

Or rather, what the next iteration of my unfolding is.

It is like I got to see myself through a new lens. Clearer than I ever have before.

We all share the same purpose, to reveal and reflect God in ever-expanding ways. That I have known and sought to live by for many years now.

Through that purpose, I caught my intention and mission; to be in the service of God for the Greater Good of all.

This too, have I sought to live by for some years now. But, as of yesterday, I realize that I did not really know what that meant.

I sort of just moved in whatever direction I was guided, yet not knowing where I was going. As I see myself writing this, I know this is not really so.

My life has been very purposeful these last few years. I have moved in the direction of my intention and purpose. And so, I find it difficult to explain what the revelation was really about yesterday.

What the difference is.

My mission has been clarified

As I said, for many years I have known my mission. I have affirmed it, I have prayed about it, meditated on it. And so I have been clear on what I am here to do.

But I have not felt it, or seen it the way that was revealed to me yesterday.

As I was in my car, all of a sudden I just knew (that is how I get my guidance – through an inner knowing) that I am here to be a Light in the world. In other individuals lives.

That is my whole reason for coming here. That, and nothing else.

About a week ago, I became aware of a hidden compartment of lack and scarcity within me. I became aware that the ego still had a stronghold from which it broadcast a request for getting something back.

Whenever I did something, with The Love & Light Store or with anything else, I carried the feeling tone of wanting to get something back into whatever I was doing.

That vibration was not very strong, but it was there.

And so, what was revealed to me yesterday is that I no longer need to hold on to that perception of lack.

My mission has been refined. My vibration has been lifted. The agenda is gone. The condition has dissipated.

In a way that I yet, cannot really describe yet – my mode of being has shifted. From getting to giving. I feel it, but I cannot yet fully articulate it.

From a whole new level of awareness, I know now what I am here to do. That in every interaction, in every encounter, my mission is to be the Light, to hold the Light.

I am to be a space and a place in which others may be whoever they are while being pulled higher on up.

Though it is not me pulling them, it is the Light that flows through me that does the pulling. I am simply the channel or conduit through which the Light flows.

In other words, there is no personal credit involved here.

This is a whole new paradigm

The instance this refined mission was revealed to me, so many things fell into place. I suddenly understood, why I have been guided to certain places and individuals.

I have sort of felt that I am to be this space before, but now I know. It is my only mission.

For me this is huge. I mean, I will probably keep doing pretty much the same things as I am doing, but I now have a greater understanding of why I am doing them.

I now will do them with a greater understanding and awareness. It’s like a filter has been removed both from my eyes and from the Light that flows through me.

My life has taken on a different meaning, thank you God for helping me see myself even clearer through your eyes.

I feel as though, the days of playing small are over. As I now surrender to my mission, as far as I may comprehend it at this stage – I can no longer not participate in it.

What was revealed to be yesterday was that in every interaction, every encounter with another being I now have a purpose.

It’s like something has been sharpened and honed within me. There is much more focus.

The ego will strike back, soon

A few hours after my mission was revealed to me, I became aware of doubt within me. Was this another trick from the ego seeking to divert me from my path? Was the ego secretly trying to get validation and recognition here?

I mean, as I articulated this mission, and even as I am reading these words, it sounds a bit as self-aggrandizing, as something the ego would come up with.

But, no, this does not have any of the traditional hallmarks of the ego. There is no “haha, I am greater than everybody” feel to it. I find no sense of identification or entitlement in this.

No attachment to anything.

It is merely the still inner knowing that this is what I came here to do. This is what I came here to be.

I am not “done” of course. I am only getting started and this is the next version of me, that will now begin to emerge.

Having studied the ego for so many years, having been on this path for a number of years – I know that the ego will not go down without a fight.

It will strike back, and it will do it soon. I know that in a few days, I will find myself in a terrible mood. I will be irritable, I will be much less patient and loving than I use to.

Opinions and judgments will come back, and I will be much more reactable. Doubt and a sense of “who do you think you are” will temporarily take over me.

This is how the process works. I have an insight or a revelation, and in the days to follow I find myself not feeling good at all.

However, as nothing lasts forever, a short while after that, some days, half a day, or whatever it might be, I will emerge on the other side.

Then follows a period of integration

As I emerge, as I re-enter on the other side, there will be a period of integration.

The catching of my new mission will (have) changed my mode of being, but how that is to play out within me, I don’t know.

I know that something has shifted within me, but what that entails, I will have to wait and see.

Right now, I am soaring high on up, but as the integration of this revelation takes place, I will be more grounded in this.

Only the “me” that is emerging on the other side, is not the same me that went into the darkness.

The “new” me will be even more expanded, even more, open and available. And so, those periods of not feeling good, I have come to know as periods of sweet release.

Which is what the spiritual path is all about, us releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves us.

First, there is a revelation, then there is stabilization – through surrendering to the revelation.

Life is such an amazing adventure

My task? To keep my spiritual practice; meditating, praying, visioning, giving thanks and keep on surrendering. To keep moving in the direction I was already moving.

Really, not much has changed on the surface. The only thing that has changed is that which is underneath the surface.

And as I gradually stabilize this elevated vibration, the surface will begin to change in alignment to it.

My God, how I love this life. What a gift and a blessing it is. How I love the sweet guiding of the still small voice within us.

The still small voice that is forever and ever guiding me, leading me, beckoning me – sometimes pushing me to grow, to unfold, to expand.

That I may forever and ever come into a greater and grander expression of God. That my life may become a forever and ever greater and grander expression of God.

Thank you also, my teachers, Mr Bob Proctor and above all Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith for your wisdom and inspiration.

I truly would not be where I am if it wasn’t for your making yourselves open and available to the Light in the way that you have and are.

For this I give thanks.


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