The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection

The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection 

The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection is a beautiful and powerful ever-expanding collection of all of Daniel’s courses, talks, live events, prayers, podcast episodes, and meditations, as well as sacred readings and powerful transformational practices and exercises.

All that you may allow for ever-expanding love, peace, joy, harmony, wholeness, and abundance to flow into our lives.

It is perfect for you who desire to consciously wake up to who and what you are, or who desire to transform any area of your life. As well as to allow for all the good that you desire, and more, to manifest into your experience with ever-increasing ease and grace.

The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection currently has over 450 tracks and videos, with more than 200 hours worth of listening and watching as well as a growing number of powerful exercises and questions. 

As the collection is available both online and through an app, you may enjoy it whenever and wherever you are, allowing you to forever expand your consciousness and raise your vibration.

New content is being added every week making this collection an ever-expanding resource as you walk along the Path of Freedom.

A taste of the Ultimate Freedom Collection 

Down below is a selection of samples from The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection so that you may get a feel as to what it is about. 


Here is what students of the How to Master the Art of Manifestation audio course, have to say about it. This course is a part of The Path To Freedom Ultimate Collection

Highly recommended this course!


By FAR, the very best course yet on Insight Timer! THANK YOU, Daniel- my heart to yours.  Favoriting this to revisit!


The course is long but well worth the listen. It offers lots of good information and spoke to me on many levels..I will listen again. Thank you


Such a positive and knowledgeable instructor. The best best review I can give is that I will return to the beginning of this course as suggested.


Thank you very much for this wonderful course, I learned so much from it. God bless you for being such a great teacher, I really appreciate you 


Many thanks. Great course. Doing it again and again. Alice


I absolutely loved it!! the only thing that I would of liked that would of helped at some point my questions would be answered before course was over with that being said I truly feel this course Is truly a blessing


This is a wonderful course with a wonderful, compassionate and generous guide in Daniel. Perfect for “beginners” and for people who need support with already established practices, or waning ones. I felt like I was being guided by a friend. I’m going to return to this. Thank you.


Hi Daniel, I just finished your course and I’ve got to say it’s been one of the most wonderful courses and experiences that I have had recently. I was so blessed by your wonderful sincerity and clarity, the content of the course was superb and so well put together, I felt blessed to have you as my teacher in the season. Thank you and many many blessings to you and your family.


Your guided meditations and talks are always very insightful and have had a huge impact in my day to day thoughts.
Thank you


“Thank you so much, Daniel, for this wonderful class. I have been really enjoying my journey of expansion. I see the changes in myself and love the direction my life is going in. Bless you for the work that you do and the difference you have made in my life and others like me. I truly appreciate you.


Daniel Roquéo is an amazing teacher and healer. He has definitely done the work that has allowed him to loving teach the Art of Manifestation. His last lesson speaks the truth, Mastery is achieved through repetition and the work to embody and integrate these teachings and truths whereby we are living it in each moment. Then the magic happens! Thank you, Daniel. Bless your Day and Bless your Way!


Daniel is amazing! Ma God bless you Daniel! Thank you for sharing your gifts, talents and guidance with me.


Absolutely amazing! What a wonderful person and an incredible inspiration. Everyone in our world needs this class NOW


Thank you for this course. You provided me with great information and tools on the art and practice of manifestation that I have already incorporated into my daily life. This is one of the best courses that I have participated in. Thank you so much!!!


I loved this class! Thank you Daniel. I know it works, I just need to do the work and you gave me a very good set of tools. Thank you


Fabulous! Very informative, specific, useful information. You are a delight. Thank you ever so much Daniel.


First class I’ve taken where I felt sad that it ended. Thank you for the journey.


What a pleasure to listen to Daniel! He is an inspiration. Many helpful tips to live life in a positive way. Thank you, Daniel for the time and effort put into creating this course.


And here is what people are saying about the collection in general

Wow! This is so wonderful!!  Thank you!


Thank you Daniel! This is awesome!!! – 


Thank you thank you thank you Daniel  So many blessings to you


Thank you for the love healing and compassion that comes thru ou.God bless you 


Unbelievably good. I feel the divine energy. The presence in my essence. All of me healing with your words and prayers. Much love and thank you.


Glorious, Uplifting. I Really needed to be reminded of how The Brilliant Light of Our Lord Shines within & thru me. The Darkness Can Not & Will Not have Victory over me! Gratitude for this collection


Wow. What an incredible teacher and guide! This is just what I needed . Thank you!


This is purely divine and fully satisfying. It meets you in every space of your being.


Lovely! Thank you very much. Really enjoy your meditations!


So empowering. So beautiful. So inspiring. Thank you o grateful for your light


Your talks and meditations bless me with at least one major insight, every single time  Thank you so much for your sacred work


So needed, thank you. I love listening to your talks first thing in the morning to remind myself of these higher truths.


Thank you very much for the gift you share.


I’m so grateful for this collection! Thank you!


Oh bless YOU, Daniel This is a wonderful way to end each day…  Thankyou for all you do 


Thank you for sharing God’s love with your “gift of gab” Blessing all who listen to His soft still voice


Thank you for sharing your experiences and wise words. They brought me comfort and peace as I continue this in this journey of discovery


I didn’t know how much I needed to hear this until right now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Your guided meditations and talks are always very insightful and have had a huge impact in my day to day thoughts. Thank you


This talk and guidance was wonderful and in perfect timing for the challenging changes that are happening in my life; you helped put me back on track !!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You


i needed this today been on a real tough road the last month and losing all hope things are ok and this was what i needed to hear today thank you


I am so grateful to have found your wonderful teachings! Thank you


A magnificent meditation, able to drift off to sleep full of love and wholeness  thank you for gifting us with your meditations


Soothing and gentle voice to help drift off to sleep. Thank you Daniel for each and every talk and meditation you provide. You never fail to connect to the listener which makes listening, learning so easy. Peace be with you always Daniel


Such a beautiful and powerful prayer! Thank you for sharing this blessing for all of us who will receive it… I receive it, and I am grateful for the reminder of what a blessing I am, what a light i am, what love and what gifts I have to share! I move forward in this day, eager to shine the light of God, of spirit, and his many people and living beings as possible! So much gratitude and Namaste


Thank you Daniel. Your words are so enlightening and thought provoking.


Thank you Daniel. This helps tremendously. Many blessings to you my Brother.

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