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Online courses to powerfully move you along the path of Freedom

Online courses are a beautiful way of engaging in sacred study.

As they are online, you can take them whenever and wherever is the most convenient for you – at your own time, place, and pace.

Down below you can browse through the different courses available.

How to Master the Law of Attraction

In all of the cosmos there is only Divine order.

This means that nothing ever happens out of chance, or luck, or coincidence, but that there is a meaning and a reason for all that happens.

Just as there are laws governing our physical reality, there are sacred laws governing everything that comes into our experience.

These laws are commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction.

Through this online course, which contains more than 16 hours of video lessons,  you will learn everything you need to know to master these sacred laws.

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Master the Art and Practice of Gratitude 

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools we have to call forth healing, wholeness, harmony, and wellness into our lives.

It is also one of the most powerful tools we can use to call the good that we desire into our experience.

This course will assist you in making Gratitude your habitual way of life, thus moving you into vibrational alignment with joy, peace, wholeness, and abundance.

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the art and practice of gratitude

The 21 day Meditation Challenge 

Meditation is perhaps the most powerful tool there is when it comes to calling forth the peace, love, joy, harmony, abundance, and wholeness that is inherent within each of us.

However, as with all practices meditation is the most powerful when it is exersiced on a regular and consistent basis.

That is why I have created this course, to inspire and empower you to begin to have a daily meditation practice.

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The Art and Practice of Affirmative Prayer

Prayer is not about asking, begging, or beseeching Spirit to give us anything.

But the purpose of Prayer is to state and affirm that which is True and Real.

Thus raising ourselves above and beyond whatever conditions or circumstances we may find ourselves in, to the vibration where they begin to dissolve.

Prayer is one of the most powerful transformational tools there are.

This online course is for anyone who desires to learn how to use the Affirmative way of praying, or as it is also called; the Six Step Spiritual Mind Treatment. 

This is the most powerful prayer of them all.

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affirmative prayer

How to develop a Healing Consciousness 

Healing, may be defined as the releasing and letting go of that which hinders blocks, and obscures Spirit from expressing itself fully and freely in, as, and through us.

Thus, developing a healing consciousness is developing a consciousness that allows for Spirit to do just that.

This is not only about physical healing, but healing involves each and every area of our life where we experience any kind of disharmony or discord.

This online course takes a deep dive into the three pillars of healing, Intention, Willingness, and Surrender, that you may develop such a healing consciousness.

This online course is still in the making, but, Spirit willing, it will be launched in early 2021.

Coming in 2023
healing consciousness