Spiritual Practice

Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice is the very fundament of the spiritual path.

It is the various ways by which the awakening individual makes themselves open and available to catch insights and revelations as to the nature of that which is True and Real.

Another way of saying it is that spiritual practice allows you to go from merely believing something to actually knowing that this is so.

As you catch insights and revelations of that which is True and Real, and as you via your practice begin to live in alignment with these insights and revelations, eventually you will become aware that you are not merely believing that you are one with all, you are not merely believing that there is only abundance and Divine health – but you know that this is so.

It is what you, through your practice, know. It is what you live from.

Inevitably along the path of awakening, the spiritual practice becomes, not only something we do occasionally and once in a while, but it becomes our life. Our lives begin to revolve around these practices.

spiritual practice is the very fundament of spiritual growth and unfolding


Gratitude may be described as the realization and acknowledgment of all of the good that is present in your life.

Gratitude is a high vibration, that virutally opens up the doors to the Divine storehouse of good.  

In fact, there is a law of Gratitude that states: the more you are grateful the more you will be given to be grateful for.

Gratitude is not about denying challenging circumstanes, but rather the conscious choice to look for the good that is everywhere present – even in the midst of a challenge.

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Meditation may be described as paying full attention to the nowness of this moment.

You may be said to be in meditation anytime you are fully present to that which is, whether you are observing your breathing, your thoughts, a flower, or something else.

There is formal meditation, and there is nonformal meditation.

Formal meditation is when you set aside time and a place to become still and fully come back to the nownenss of this moment.

Nonformal meditation is when you, during your day stop, become still and come back to the Holy Now.

Meditation is an essential spiritual practice as it enables you to break free from the incessant chattering of the egoic mind that you may be increasingly open and available for insights and revelations of that which is True and Real.

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Affirmative Prayer

The Art of Affirmative prayer is a powerful spiritual practice.

It is describing that which you desire fully knowing that in the infinite mind of God you have already received it.

Affirmative prayer is describing that which is True and Real. Beyond the surface appearance of things.

In Scripture, it is stated:

Pray believing that ye already have it.

This is the foundation of Affirmative Prayer – the foundation of sacred manifestation. This is how you come to be Divine Creators.

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Visioning is the process of making yourself open, available and receptive. That you may become aware and catch that which is trying to emerge in and through you and your life.

As your purpose for being here is to forever grow, unfold, and expand – allowing greater and grander versions and expressions of yourself to emerge, there is always something seeking to come forth in and through you.

The next stage of your evolution is always ready to spring forth.

Visioning, a technique originated by Michael Bernard Beckwith is how you become aware of that next stage – that you consciously may participate in its emergence.

This is not to be confused with visualizing something. Visualizing, altough a good practice is bound by our ability to imagine – which in turn is bound by our previous experiences.

Visioning however, is tapping in to the eternal infinite nature of your soul. It is allowing that which already exists in the infinite mind of God to come forth – regardless of your past and previous experiences

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Forgiveness is another powerful spiritual practice. It is the releasing of negativity from your heart and soul.

Contrary to what most people think, forgiveness is not about letting another person off the hook.

It is not about you making friends with someone who has committed unforgivable acts.

You don’t have to like everybody.

Forgiveness, as an act of Self-Love is the releasing and letting go of any animosity, resentment, and negativity from your heart and soul.

It is about setting yourself free to live in a state of joy, gratitude, and Divine health; mental, emotional, and physical – regardless of what another is doing or not doing.

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Surrender does not mean submitting or acquiescing to an anthropomorphic God outside of you.

It simply means allowing God, the loving presence that is everywhere, never in absence, that is always for you, never against you, to lead and guide you along the path of awakening in and unfolding.

In other words, it means that you give up resistance to growth and learn to become still enough to catch the loving guidance of the still small voice – that it may guide and lead you along the path of growth and unfolding.

It means that you continuously allowfor the small and limited to dissolve that the new and expanded may emerge.

Surrendering is to say: Thy will be done, or I will the will of God to be done in my life – come what may.

It is get
ting out of the way, allowing God to guide and lead you rather than the ego.

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Sacred Service

Sacred service is when you consciously choose to be of service to another human being, not to get something in return but simply because you have the ability to be of service.

It is an act of Love where you eventually bump into the awareness that it brings you as much joy, gratitude and happiness as it does the other individual.

It is the giving and the sharing of that which you have to give for the good of others, which you ultimately will find is for the good of you

Sacred Study

Sacred Study is when you choose to study a great teacher or a great teaching to make you open and available for insights and revelations to be revealed to you.

Through this study you spiritualize the intellect making it more receptive for the deeper Truth.

As with all learning, please be aware that repetition is the key.

When you engage yourself in study that is coherent with fundamental Truth over and over again, old thoughtforms and perceptions begins to be dissolved.

Making room for new and expanded perspectives and paradigms to emerge.

High Fellowship

High fellowship is when you consciously choose to surround yourself with likeminded individuals.

Individuals who will support and empower you, who will assist you in moving forward along the path of awakening.

Individuals who will seek to lift you up rather than pull you down. Who will encourage rather than discourage.

Individuals who are more interested in talking about miracles and possibilities than gossiping and

Individuals who have chosen to no longer seek to conform and fit in, in a decadent world that is clearly insane – but who, through going within, seek to give birth to a new order, a new world.

It is essential for the awakening individual to seek and find such community of Truth-seekers that we may seek and offer support from and to.

Generosity and Circulation

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