Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative Prayer is a what it sounds like; it is praying in an affirmative way.

It may be described as praying without seeking to get anything.

Or to put it another way; it is praying without asking God to give you anyhitng.

And so, praying in an affirmative way is describing that which you desire as though it has already manifested in your life.

Fully knowing that whatever you desire has already been given to you.

Affirmative prayer is describing reality without trying to get anything from it

In the infinite mind of God
– it is done

Please be aware that whatever you desire, has already been given to you.

In the mind of God, everything already exists and so the moment you begin praying for something that has not yet manifested in this dimension, it (which is already in existence) begins its active transition from the invisible to the visible.

In other words, you never have to ask or beg God to give you anything – because God has alreay given it to you.

The manifestation of what you desire, is only a matter of you allowing that which has already been given to emerge into this dimension, in and through you.

There is only Divine and perfect order in the cosmos

Please, also be aware that there is only Divine and perfect order in the cosmos.

In other words, nothing ever happens out of chance,  luck, or happenstance.

But everything happpebns according to the Divine order. It’s like that old saying: things don’t just happen – they happen just.

Vibration is cause – manifestation is effect. Or to put in another way – consciousness always precedes form. 

Never the other way around. What this means is that nothing ever comes into your experience uninvited.

It comes because you have consciously or subconsciously placed your attention upon it.

It comes either because you want it or because you don’t want it.

It comes because you are in vibrational alignment with it.

Vibrational alignment

Another word for vibration is your feeling tone.

That is, what you feel the most, makes up for your predominant vibration.

That vibration can be high (joy, Love, peace, gratitude, and so forth) or low (fear, worry, doubt).

Please be aware that every thought you think sends out a vibrational message.

When that thought is backed by a corresponding feeling, that message becomes so much stronger.

These messages are picked up by the sacred laws, and when sustained, the laws reflect them back to you as your experiences.

This is where the spiritual practice of affirmative prayer comes in.

As you repeatedly choose to turn your attention toward what you desire (rather than toward what you don’t like), you gradually move yourself into vibrational alignment with that – and the vibrational message you send out becomes stronger and stronger.

The stronger and more sustained it becomes the faster and the easier the manifestation will be.

Where there is vibrational alignment, manifestation must occur. That is the Law.

On the other hand, where there is no vibrational alignment, manifestation cannot occur (other than sometimes temporarily).

Give the laws permission to work for you rather than against you

This is why praying in the traditional way – which means asking or begging God to give you something, is actually putting the sacred laws to work against you.

When you ask or pray to God to give you something, you do so from a place of lack, from a place of not having.

That vibration of lack and scarcity is what the sacred laws pick up and will reflect back to you – more of the lack, more of the not having. 

This is so simply because that is what you are in vibrational alignment with (regardless of what words you are using).

But when you however, pray in the affirmative way – you do so from a place of having.

You pray, fully knowing that you already have been given that which you are praying for. That is, in this moment, is in active transition from the invisible to the visible.

Now, as you have moved into vibrational alignment with what you desire, the laws may work for you rather than against you.

The effects of Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative prayer helps you go beyond and transcend the world of appearances, as you are using the eye behind the eye to “see” and call forth that which is still in the invisible.

Thus, affirmative prayer helps you turn, and keep your attention upon what you want and desire – even in the midst of opposing circumstances and situations.

You are made in the image and likeness of God, which means that you have the same creative faculty that God has.

That faculty is the gift of independent thinking, which allows you to think about whatever you choose, regardless of any and all circumstances.

Engaging in the practice of affirmative prayer helps you build and strengthen that powerful mental muscle.

The more you pray in this affirmative way, the easier it will be to turn and keep your attention upon that which you desire, thus allowing it to emerge into this dimension, with greater and greater ease, grace, and dignity.

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