What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a beautiful spiritual practice for self-healing.

Forgiveness, contrary to what most people believe, is an act of self-love. 

it is the releasing and letting go of negativity, rancor, resentment, and hatred from your heart and soul.

In that sense, it has nothing to do with the other individual.

It is not about making friends with someone who has committed unforgivable acts.

You don’t have to like everybody.

Forgiveness is about your emotional, mental, and physical freedom and well being.

It is about the sweet release of emotional pain and suffering.

Forgiveness is releasing negativity from your heart and soul

The four stages of forgiveness

Step One
The first step is for you to become truly willing to forgive this individual and unconditionally release and let go of all of the negativity that you may harbor toward this individual.

Step Two
Turn within and become aware of any negativity toward another within your heart and soul.

As you become aware of it; gently and lovingly remind yourself that:

1) Everybody is doing their very best at all times.

Whatever they did or did not do, in that moment that was the best they could do.

A great practice here, is to seek to see and understand where they are coming from, to see life from their perspective.

This, simple exercise, is powerful when it comes to giving birth to compassion (which is the understanding of the lack of understanding in another).

Where there is compassion, negativity dissolves.

2) No one has the power to make you think or feel anything unless you give them that power.

Please remember that it is not what the other did or did not do that is the cause of your negativity – it is your perceptions and opinions of what they did or did not do that give rise to your emotional pain and suffering.

As you realize this, you begin to be able to release and let go of the negativity you have been holding on to.

3) There is only One. That other individual is only a dimension of that One, just as you are a dimension of that One. Ultimately there is only One, no separation.

In other words, that other individual is a dimension of you, just as you are a dimension of that other individual.

Step Three
The fourth step of the forgiveness process is to pray for the other individual.

Simply wish them well. 

Step Four
The last step in the forgiveness process is lovingly doing something good and kind for the other individual.

If possible, do it anonymously, so that your ego can’t creep in and take credit for it.

Daniel Roquéo in service of God for the Good of humanity

The effects of forgiveness

The effects of forgiveness are increased health, both mentally, physically, and emotionally.

As you release and let go of all those negative thoughts and perceptions of another individual – the toxic chemicals that they produce begin to dissolve and are replaced by tonic chemicals instead.

These tonic chemicals strengthen your immune system,  as well as slow down your aging.

This is why forgiveness is said to be a gift of self-love – you are giving yourself the gift of Divine and perfect health – allowing you to carry out your mission and your purpose in a beautiful way.

Forgiveness, although it may not seem like such a big deal, is a powerful spiritual practice.

Daniel Roquéo in service of God for the Good of humanity

A powerful evening routine to end your day in a high vibration

To end your day in a high vibration, or to clean up your day as it is sometimes referred to – I invite you to try this powerful evening routine.

That is, right before you go to sleep you stop, become still and; 

1) Give thanks for the good and the blessings that are present in your life.

2) Turn within and seek to become aware if there is anyone you need to forgive – if so, go through the process of forgiveness as described above.

3) Offer an affirmative prayer for those in need. It may be for someone who is going through a challenge or someone who has done you wrong.

Don’t feel sorry for them, but see them from a place of wholeness and well-being.

Through your words, call fort that wholeness and well-being.

4) Make yourself open and available to catch and receive guidance and wisdom during the night – that is; ask your spiritual guides and aides to provide you with guidance, insights, and revelation during the night.

Daniel Roquéo in service of God for the Good of humanity