Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Gratitude and thanskgiving

Gratitude may be described as the realization and the acknowledgment of all the good that is present in your life – both that which you can see and that which you yet cannot see.

In each and every moment of your life you are surrounded by blessings and the good of God.

The thing is that most individuals are so preoccupied with looking for that which is not to their liking, for something to complain about or be fearful about, that they never become aware of all these blessings.

This is where gratitude as a spiritual practice come into your life.

gratitude is the feeling tone of being connected with the good that is eternally present

Everything is working for your good

Please be aware that God is forever for you, never against you.

And as God is fully in all things and all things, it means that everything is for you, nothing is ever against you – other than when you through a small and limited perception belive that something is against you.

In truth, every challenge you have ever face and will ever face, inherently contain a blessing in a lesson, calling you to grow, to unfold, and expand.

They are calling you to expand your current paradigm and perspective that you may become open and available for the solution and the answer to your challenge to be revealed to you.

They are nothing more than preparatory steppingstones for you to forever climb to higher and higher levels of awareness.

In other words, they are something to be grateful for and give thanks for.

Through your gratitude, you make yourself open and receptive for the good of Gof

The enligthened gives thanks…

There is a beautiful expression: The enlightened gives thanks for what most people take for granted.

They do this because, primarily because of two things;

1) They are aware that everything is working for their good, even when circumstances, on the surface appears to be bad and negative.

And so they give thanks for everything, fully knowing that everything is a gift and blessing of growth and transformation.

The Law of Gratitude

2) The second reason the enlightened gives thanks for everything is because the enlightened knows that there is a law of gratitude.

That law simply states: The more you are grateful, the more you will be given to be grateful for.

In all of the cosmos there is only order.

In other words, nothing ever happens out of chance or luck, but everything has a cause and effect to it.

Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect. Another word for vibration is your feeling tone.

And so, what you predominantly think and feel will be mirrored as experiences in your life.

In other words, the more you take on the feeling tone of gratitude, the more good to be grateful for will be called forth.

It is like Meister Eckhart said: if the only pray you ever say is Thank You – that will suffice.

Gratitude as spiritual practice

So, as a spiritual practice, you want to make gratitude a part of your life.

Not only on your birthday, not only when something good happens, but consistently and regularly throughout your day.

You want to begin your day giving thanks for that which you have and for that which is to come.

Likewise you want to end your day in the same high vibration.

And throughout your day you want to seek to maintain your unconditional gratitude and thanksgiving.

That is take on the feeling of gratitude non-attached to any and all circumstances.

The effects of Gratitude

Gratitude as a spiritual practice trains you and your mind to look for the good rather than the negative.

This has many beneficial effects, such as releasing tonic chemicals in your body, which prevents it from aging while strengthening the immune system.

The mind is like a muscle, and so the more you seek to give thanks and appreciate that which you have in life, the stronger your gratidue muscle will become making it easier and easier to come back to the high vibration of gratitude.

Another benefit of the practice of gratitude is as described above the Law of Gratitude stating that the more grateful you are, the more you will be given to be grateful for.

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