Visioning – catching that which is seeking to emerge

Visioning is a spiritual practice making you open and available to catch a great and mighty vision for your life as well as the next step in your growth and unfolding.

As the will of God is for all of Life to eternally come into greater and grander expression of itself, there is always something new that seeks to emerge in your life.

No matter how far you have come, you are always only scratching the surface of the potential and the possibilities that inherently dwells within you.

There is always a new and expanded version of you waiting to be set free, to be released, to come forth.

The spiritual practice of Visioning allows you to catch this, that you may consciously give it permission to come forth, in and through you.

Visioning is the process of catching that which seeks to emerge

Going beyond the imagination

That which is seeking to emerge in you, the next step of the evolution of your soul, is beyond what you can imagine.

That which you can imagine is bound by your previous experiences, and so there is an inherent limitation in trying to imagine what your next step is going to be.

God, however, in its infiniteness, knows no limitation or restriction. God only knows about infinite possibilities.

And so, visioning is not using your imagination, but rather going beyond and transcending your imagination.

Visioning is, becoming still and catching that which is in the field of infinite possibilities.

Daniel Roquéo in service of God for the Good of humanity

The still small voice

As you are seeking to become aware of and catch that which is seeking to emerge, what you are really doing is tuning in to the still and small voice (though only still and small in comparison to the ego – which is very loud and noisy) that is eternally whispering words of wisdom and guidance within you.

This, the still small voice, called intuition by some, is forever speaking to you, in a language and in a way that you can understand.

However, most individuals are so preoccupied with their egoic mind and the opinions, thoughts, perceptions, points of view that they are close to oblivious to it.

They can’t hear it because of all the noise within their minds.

And when they occasionally do tune into it, they discard it as nonsense.

Please be aware that Life is not bound by logic or reason, and so oftentimes, the still small voice will guide you to move in a direction that does not seem logical or reasonable.

When you learn to tune into it and trust it though, you will be guided to move when and where in perfect alignment with the will of God.

Daniel Roquéo in service of God for the Good of humanity

Visioning and visualization
are not the same

As you engage in visioning, please be aware that visioning and visualization are not the same.

Visualization is a technique used that you may “see” that which you desire, thus calling it forth into manifestation.

Visioning, however, is you making yourself open and available to become aware of and catch the next step of your growth and unfolding.

Please be aware that as you vision, you will be guided in a language and in a way that you can understand – which means that you, perhaps, will not see images.

Some people do see images, but others catch their guidance as a sound, of a feeling, or an inner knowing.

Me for instance, I don’t see much at all.

It took me a few years (of frustration) to realize that guidance comes to me as an inner knowing.

I simply know.

I can’t explain how I know but I do – no images, no sounds, not much feeling attached to it.

I just know.

And so, you need to learn to discern how guidance comes to you as it may not come visually.

Daniel Roquéo in service of God for the Good of humanity

What is seeking to emerge?

The practice of visioning basically is about asking one question: In this moment, what is seeking to emerge in and through me?

This question can be rephrased, but ultimately, this is what you are asking.

And so you ask that question, become still and make yourself open and available to catch the answer as it will be given to you.

And once again, please be aware that the answer you catch may not make sense to your surface mind.

It may call you to venture outside and beyond your present comfort zone and paradigm.

This is all in good order.

You have not come here to this planet to stay the same, nor conform.

But you have come here to grow, to unfold and to expand, that you may come into forever greater and grander versions and expressions of yourself.


And so it is here that willingness enters into the spiritual practice of visioning.

You need to become willing to grow.

You need to be willing to expand and push through the fear and discomfort that comes with it.

You need to say Yes to it.

If you resist the change, not much will happen for you. And so you need to embrace and allow it to happen with you.

Willingness is a major key.

It takes courage to be on this path. It takes courage to say Yes to the unknown.

But if you come back to the Truth that God is forever for you, never against you – if you choose to trust God more than the fear, you are in for a magical adventure.

Say yes, be willing to embrace and allow that which is seeking to emerge in and through you to emerge.

You will be abundantly rewarded if you do.

Daniel Roquéo in service of God for the Good of humanity

The effects of Visioning

The effects of visioning are profound as you will find yourself in a magical and mysterious adventure of the soul.

As you inwardly become willing to let go of the egoic need for control, as you set yourself free to be guided and moved by your soul, your life will not ever be the same again – and nor will you.

As you enter into this way of life, from week to week, month to month, year to year, you will not recognize yourself.

Who you were, will continuously dissolve for a new you to emerge.

You will experience more joy, creativity, peace, freedom, and harmony than you have ever before imagined.

Your life will change, for the affirmative.

You will come into the awareness that Heaven is not a place far off, but it is a state of mind, a way of life where you continuously,  and consciously, grow and unfold.

These are the effects of visioning.

Daniel Roquéo in service of God for the Good of humanity

You will not feel good all of the time

Having said that, please be aware that as you enter into this way of life, where you are eternally growing, unfolding, and expanding – everything that has previously kept you from growing and unfolding must come up.

It must come to the surface.

All your small and limited perception, points of view, opinions, beliefs, paradigms – they will come bubbling up that you can embrace and allow them to be, thus setting them free to be dissolved.

100% of spiritual growth is about releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves you.

And so, please be aware that the spiritual path is not about feeling good all of the time. It is about becoming free.

In other words, you will experience periods of darkness, of feeling bad, inner turmoil and disharmony.

The old structures need to be dissolved that the new may arise.

This oftentimes, does not feel good at all.

But, it is worth it. The rewards for living this life are magnificent.

So go for it.

Daniel Roquéo in service of God for the Good of humanity

The Life Visioning Process

If you now are ready to move into a deeply transformational process I invite you to a session of the Life Visioning Process.

This is a process originated by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of the Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.

Allow him to guide you through the various stages of this profound practice – that given your willingness will change the trajectory of your life forever.

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