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Our Highest Self is forever guiding us forward. As a freelance writer we are wise to learn to hear and surrender to the still small voice within us.

Have faith in the sweet, still and small voice

As a freelance writer, there are many choices to be made. Many forks in the road. Learning to listen and surrender to the soft whisperings of the still small voice within us is a beautiful approach to this life. We always need to remember that Life is always for us and that the Highest potential…
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Learning how these sacred laws of spirituality work, is essential for any freelance writer as it makes it so much easier to get where we want to get.


I could not have this blog without incorporating one of the topics that mean the most to me – spirituality. Spirituality is about realizing and pursuing the Divine purpose of our existence. This means learning about that which is True and Real, the sacred laws, such as The Law of Attraction. Going beyond the ego…
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