Thank you for the lesson I am being given

Thank you for the lesson I am being given

Every challenge we face is a Divine lesson, a gift of transformation

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Every challenge that we face, ever obstacle that we encounter is nothing but a lesson and a blessing. A gift of transformation. Some are quickly learned, others take longer to learn. I am in the midst of one such recurring lesson right now.

A recurring lesson

Right now I am experiencing a recurring lesson. It is one that has been coming back to me many, many times.

Apparently, I have not yet learned it well enough.

My surface mind perceives it as a challenge but I know that it is a Divine blessing.

And so I give thanks for it.

The lesson in question is me needing to learn to come back to the nowness of this moment, even when I can’t find time for formal meditation.

Or perhaps rather that I need to learn to shift my priorities. Between work, my mission, and lately a period of kids being home from school sick a lot – I have not found the time to meditate.

At least not as much as I need.

This presents a challenge for me as I feel my connection with God slipping away. Dissolving. I know this is not so.

I know it is only my surface mind perceiving it this way. Because God never goes anywhere.

I cannot ever be separated from God other than through my experience and perception.

But it feels real nonetheless.

Each challenge truly is a lesson and a blessing

As I said. This challenge i.e. lesson and a blessing though a recurring one.

It is perhaps the one that has stuck the most. The lesson that, it would appear, is the hardest for me to learn.

I am glad that I have come to a point where I no longer allow my ego to run the me. Where it’s perception of Life as hostile and unfriendly has no hold over me.

Still, I can remember a time when, whenever I was faced with a challenge – I would blame God for trying make my life hard and miserable.

I am grateful that time is passed. I am thankful that I have come to realize that God is forever for me.

That God never is against me. And that absolutely everything is working for my good – if only I give it permission to do so.

By releasing my fears, worries, and doubts. This lesson I have learned and for that I am grateful.

Thank you God

This lesson, this blessing this challenge however remains.

Yet, even though I am tired, even though much of the joy and inspiration that usually is such a large part of my life, appears to be missing – I am grateful.

Not all of the time but much of the time.

I am grateful because it feels as though this time, I fully realize what my lesson is and I can feel a resolve within me to actually learn it this time.

My surface mind objects, but my heart and soul approves.

Spiritual practice is the backbone of my wellbeing

Formal spiritual practice such as meditation, affirmative prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, and visioning has gradually become the backbone of my life.

Usually, I daily set aside time for these formal practices – as I have come to realize that they are as important to me as breathing.

Without them, my surface mind immediately begins to come creeping back, taking me over.

And so, I have made i one of my top priorities. For some time now however, I have not been able to (from my perspective) to choose to mediate.

I have had a relentless schedule with early mornings and late nights, our children have been home sick and me having been too tired to meditate.

Or to pray.

Too tired to engage in this practice at all.

Even writing this post I am going back and forth between the computer and tending to the needs of both a sick child and a not so sick child.

I need to remember to remember

My surface mind screams that there is just not enough time. I know, however that this is not so. I know that there is plenty of time.

This challenge, this lesson, this blessing is all about me learning to make use of the time I have. To choose to use the time wisely.

Perhaps I cannot formally meditate as much as I would like to right now.

But I do have many, many moments throughout the day when I can mini-meditate. Many moments when I can pause, take a few deep and conscious breaths, and come back to the nowness of this moment.

Perhaps I cannot formally pray or give thanks as much I as want to, but once again; there are many moments during the day when I can pray and give thanks.

This is what this lesson is all about.

Me learning to remember to remember. About me learning to make higher choices, in the moment.

What is more important – allowing joy, peace, Love, and wholeness to reign supreme or allowing my surface mind to take me over?

For me the answer is clear. I choose God over the ego. I choose peace over fear and worry.

And so, it all comes down to me, acting upon that choice. It all comes down to me choosing from that choice.

Moment by moment by moment.

It is all about moment to moment choices

Because it is in the moment it all happens. It is the choices I make, in each and every moment – that determines my destiny, my destination.

I have come to realize that I actually have the ability to take full responsibility for myself and for my wellbeing.

All of the time. Every moment.

However, I need to choose it. In every moment. I can either give this moment permission to drag me down into the lower vibrations.

Or I can give this moment permission to pull me up into the higher vibrations.

The moment does not determine my vibration, but it is my choice in this moment that determines my vibration.

This is my challenge as I perceive it. This is the Divine gift and blessing that lies within this lesson – expanded ownership over my vibration.

God has given me (all of us) the ability to make choices. The time has come for me now to take the utilization of this gift to the next level.

Thank you, thank you God

I am so grateful that I have been given this opportunity to explore myself and my journey.

As I give myself the time and space to become still, the divine and perfect order becomes more clear to me.

I know that I may not always get all that I want, but I do eternally get everything that I need in order to move forward along the path of awakening.

For this I give thanks. For realizing this, I give thanks.

And so, as this challenge is upon me I choose to embrace and allow it to be as it is.

Fully knowing that God is forever for me and that everything is working for my good. And so I accept the lesson and I give thanks for the blessing.

Awakening truly is a magical journey and being a live truly is a blessing.


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