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Daniel Roquéo is a spiritual teacher, podcaster, an author, and a speaker.

With Love, compassion and passion Daniel seeks to teach, move, touch, inspire, empower, and uplift individuals along the path of freedom; guiding and leading them to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

That they may be free…

Free from fear, worry, and doubt.
Free to follow their heart’s desires.
Free to live in Love, Joy, and Peace.

Regardless of circumstances

Do you want to be free?
Are you willing to do what it takes to be free?

If so, perhaps you will allow Daniel Roquéo to be of service to you.

The Path to Freedom podcast

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The Path to Freedom Podcast

Three vibrational placeholders

Making it a habit to open ourselves to ever higher vibrations is essential if we want to be free.

Below are three powerful vibrational placeholders you can use on a regular basis, that eternally will move you into higher and higher levels of consciousness.

Take a couple of deep and conscious breaths and remind yourself to Open and Expand, Embrace and Allow, and Release and Let Go.

Open and Expand

Open and expand that you may see, hear, and feel that which cannot be seen, heard, or felt with our human senses.

In this way, make yourself open and available for the next great version of who you are to reveal itself.

Embrace and Allow

Embrace and Allow that greater and grander version of who you are that is seeking to emerge in and through you in this moment.

Surrender to it – that you may be of ever greater service to the world.

Release and Let Go

Release and Let Go of all that which would hinder, obstruct, and obscure that greater and grander version to come forth.

That is, your fears, worries, and doubts.
Your small and limited perceptions and opinions.
Your past stories of who you are and what you are worthy and capable of.

Open and Expand

How can Daniel be of service to you?

As it is Daniel’s mission to be in the service of God for the Highest Good of all and so he offers a variety of services to touch, move, inspire, and touch you to move along the path to freedom.

The Path to Freedom podcast

A practical podcast about how to tap into the freedom that is inherent within all of us regardless of what is going on in your external world.

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Online Courses

Online courses are a beautiful way of going deeper into that which is True and Real. And you get to do it the time and the place that is most convenient for you

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Online Classes

Daniel offers a variety of powerful online classes, workshops, seminars, and talks on various topics of spirituality and Life’s principles.

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Inspirational Speaker

Daniel Roquéo is an appreciated inspirational speaker.

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I would love to connect with you so feel free to drop me a line or two. Perhaps I may be of service to you along your unique path to freedom and awakening.