Blessings and Welcome

My name is Daniel Roquéo and I am a Spiritual Teacher and the founder of the Freedom Tribe Family

A Loving, Thriving and Supportive spiritual family and community where we get to connect with one another, hang out in High Minded Fellowship for mutual support.

Through the grace of Spirit, I get to continue to touch and serve individuals from all around the world as they move along The Path to Freedom, waking up and transforming their lives.

Since 2017 I have my teachings have empowered individuals from all over the world to free themselves from fear, worry, doubt, and a sense of lack. Guiding them toward a life free from scarcity, separation, and the feeling of not being enough.

So that they may set themselves free to shine, soar, and glow and be in ever-expanding love, joy, peace, harmony, wholeness, abundance, and beauty.

I am glad that you have found your way here and I am looking forward to connect with you.

News And Updates

I am thrilled to announce that my latest audio course, How To Master The Art of Manifestation 2.0 is now available for FREE on The Path To Freedom App.

Join me as we dive deep into cultivating a way of life that allows us to  call forth all the good we wish to experience (and beyond) into our lives. With ever-expanding ease and grace.

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Join our weekly Live Gatherings

Join our Freedom Tribe Family  (FTF) for our weekly live gatherings where we get to connect and get to know each other for mutual support as we are all walking along this wonderful Path of Freedom.

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Freedom Tribe Family Gatherings

The Path to Freedom App

Embark on a journey of inner peace and transformation with The Path to Freedom App.

Join our loving, thriving, and supportive Freedom Family Tribe of like-minded individuals from all over the world.

Transform your life with 500+ hours of my transformative content: Guided meditations for inner peace, inspirational talks to overcome limitations and unlock your potential, empowering courses and classes for personal growth and spiritual awakening, live events & community gatherings to connect with others and find support.

The Path to Freedom App is 100% FREE so download it today and join our powerful community to begin your journey of transformation!

“You’ve helped me more than you will ever know and more than I can ever express. Thank you” – James

“Daniel, thank you for your teachings. I am listening again and again.” – Cathy

“The messages you share affect me in a way beyond what I can put into words. Thank you and namaste.” – Daphney

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