Daniel Roquéo is a Transformational Coach who, since 2107, has been guiding and leading individuals, from around the world, along the Path to Freedom. Assisting them in transforming their minds, bodies, and lives so that more and more love, peace, joy, harmony, wholeness, and abundance continuously may flow into their experience.

With ever-increasing ease and grace.

Being a much-appreciated teacher and healer, Daniel moves, touches, inspires and empowers thousands of individuals on a weekly basis.

Transformational coaching

Are you ready to be transformed?

Transformational coaching is about you transforming the way you view yourself and your life. It is about you expanding your consciousness and raising your vibration.

And as consciosuness always precedes form, as you do, your life must and absolutely will begin to transform.

This happens not through your efforting or struggling to change your external conditions or circumstances. But simply because the Universe is constantly meeting you where you are in consciouenss.

As a transformational coach, it is Daniel’s honor and privilege to lovingly and intuitively guide and lead you along the Path of Freedom – toward the truth of your being.

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The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection

The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection is a beautiful and powerful ever-expanding collection of all of Daniel’s courses, talks, live events, prayers, podcast episodes, and meditations, as well as sacred readings and powerful transformational practices and exercises.

All that you may allow for ever-expanding love, peace, joy, harmony, wholeness, and abundance to flow into our lives.

It is perfect for you who desire to consciously wake up to who and what you are, or who desire to transform any area of your life. As well as to allow for all the good that you desire, and more, to manifest into your experience with ever-increasing ease and grace.

The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection currently has over 350 tracks, with more than 150 hours worth of listening and watching as well as a growing number of powerful exercises and questions. 

New content is being added every week making this collection an ever-expanding resource as you walk along the path of freedom and awakening.

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the path to freedom ultimate collection

Join Daniel on Insight Timer 

Insight Timer is a popular relaxation app that uses guided meditations, music, and talks to help with sleep, relaxation, and mindfulness.

We invite you to join Daniel on Insight Timer for his popular Live event: “The Path to Freedom” every Wednesday at 1 pm PT. Or any of his inspiring and empowering teachings, meditations, prayers sessions or courses.

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The Path to Freedom with Daniel Roquéo

We invite you to listen to a selection of Daniel’s podcast episodes, talks, guided meditations and prayers on Spotify and other podcast directories. Simply search for “The Path to Freedom with Daniel Roquéo

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