The Spiritual Path to Freedom

The Path to Freedom

The spiritual path to freedom is the journey of discovery of Truth within yourself.

That you may come into continuous realizations of Truth that lies within you rather than seeking it in the external world.

Spirituality is the continuous realization of who and what God is and that there is no separation between God and us.

That God is everywhere present, never in absence.

And as it is our common purpose to give ourselves permission to continuously grow, expand, and unfold that new, greater, and grander versions of ourselves may emerge.

That is what the path to freedom is.

It is the continual growth, unfolding, and expansion that come from being open and available for new, deeper, and more profound insights of that which is True and Real to be revealed to you.sp

the path to freedom

The Truth is absolut

When we speak about the Truth please be aware that there is no such thing as “my truth”.

That which is True and Real is not subject to change. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

There is only that which is True and Real and that which is false.

Just like two plus two is four; regardless of who you are and where you are, the truth is absolute.

It is not subject to interpretation nor fluctuation.

What then is the Truth? It can easily be summed up in the words;

God is

As infinite and omnipresent as God is, there is nothing outside of God.
God is in everything, everything is in God.

Not more in one place, but all of God is everywhere at the same time.

the truth shall set you free

The human ego

However, oftentimes the average individual fail to see the Divine in everything.

The reason for this is mainly the human ego.

The ego is that part within us that gives rise to our perceptions, opinions, perspectives, and points of view.

The ego has a mantra or a core belief:

I am not enough and there is not enough

It is from this perspective that the ego operates. Thus it is from this perspective any individual who is currently under the aegis of the ego operates.

And so they perceive and experience a world of lack, scarcity, and separation.

A world where they have to struggle and fight to survive. A world where they have to compete for limited resources. A world where they need to add something onto themselves just to be worthy enough.

the egoic mantra

100% of spiritual growth is about letting go…

And so it can be said that 100% of the spiritual path is about you becoming aware of, challenge, and ultimately release and let go of all those small and limited perceptions and ponts of view that the ego gives rise to.

That you may be free. Free to be who and what you are.

Free to discover, cultivate, and share your inherent gifts, talents and abilities with the world.

Free to allow the Love, peace, Divine health, abundance, beauty and prosperity that is intrinsic to our nature to flow through you.

Fully and freely.

Less and less taking your cue from the world, but more and more allowing your heart and soul to guide and lead you forward.

That you increasinly may make conscious choices responding rather than reacting to the external world of appearances.

As a spiritual counselor, it is toward this innate freedom I point and guide my clients.

This is where spiritual practice comes in.

Because without the spiritual practices of meditation, affirmative prayer, gratitude, surrendering, visioning, and so forth – your ability to see that which is True and Real will be greatly limited.

And you have to be able to see it if you ultimately are to break free from the ego’s moorings.

Like the quote from Jesus: The truth will set you free.

Obviously, simply knowing about the Truth is not enough, but you need to realize it that you may live from it.

This is what sets you free.

the truth shall set you free

Ultimately, it is all about the Love

Another way of saying it is that it is you have come here to learn to Love.

Now Love is not some sweet and syrupy emotion. Love is a state of being – a Divine quality. Love, although loving, Love.

Love can be described as the full and total giving of oneself, not holding anything back, not asking for anything in return.

Like the sun, the sun gives and shares of its warmth and luminosity, fully and freely.

It doesn’t hold back, it doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t ask for anything in return. But it gives of itself for anyone who wants to enjoy it.

The thing is that, even if no-one enjoys it – it would still give and share of its gift – because that is what the sun does.

This is Love. And this is what you have come to learn – that you have something to give and to ultimately give it; consciously, fully, and freely.

This is the spiritual path.

Love is giving fully and freely