The Path to Freedom

The Path to Freedom

The Path to Freedom is about us continuously expanding our consciousness and raising our vibration.

It is about us coming into ever greater realizations of the Allness, Goodness, and Divine Perfection that Spirit is.

It is the continuous realization that we, as unique and perfect expressions and emanations of Spirit, in truth, never are lacking or missing anything. But that we have all that we need to keep moving forward, to keep expanding, and to keep allowing for ever greater and grander expressions of who and what we are to emerge.

It is about us continuously earning to break ourselves free from the egoic structures within us that perhaps are telling us that we are not enough and that there is not enough, or that give rise to fear, worry, and doubt where our own ability or some future moment is concerned.

Walking this path is about continuously releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves us; small and limited thought patterns, perceptions, judgments, habits, and thoughts as to what should and should not be.

So that love, peace, joy, harmony, wholeness, and abundance may forever flow in, through, and as us, in ever-expanding ways and with ever-expanding ease and grace.

Always regardless and independently of any condition, circumstance, and experience.

This is the beautiful blessing and reward we get from walking this path and doing the inner work we will be called to do.

This is a beautiful and magical path to walk, and I am so grateful to be walking it.

And I am grateful for your willingness and for your having said Yes to walking this path as well.

With much love 

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