The Path to Freedom

The Spiritual Path to Freedom

The Path of Freedom and Awakening

The Path of Freedom,or the Path of Awakening as it is also called, is about us continuously expanding our consciousness and raising our vibration.

It is about us coming into ever greater and more expanded realizations of who and what Spirit is, and our absolute Oneness with it.

It is the continuous realization that we, as unique, whole and complete expressions and emanations of Spirit, in truth, never are lacking or missing anything.

But that we, in every single moment, have all that we need to keep moving forward, to keep expanding, and to keep allowing for ever greater and grander expressions of who and what we are to emerge.

Thus setting ourselves free to be in joy, peace, love, harmony, wholeness and abundance… regardless of external conditions and circumstances.

What is Spiritual Healing

It has been stated that a 100% of all spiritual growth and expansion is about releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves us; small and limited thought patterns, perceptions, judgments, habits, and thoughts as to what should and should not be.

So that more of Spirit may be revealed in, as, and through us. Or, in other words, so that more love, peace, joy, harmony, wholeness, and abundance may forever flow in, through, and as us, in ever-expanding ways and with ever-expanding ease and grace.

And so healing, from this perspective, may be defined as the releasing and letting go of that which obscures, dims, and covers up the Divine Light that we are.

In other words, healing is not mending or fixing something that is broken, but it is the continuous process of revealing that which is underneath the surface appearance.

Even though that sometimes means the mending of something, it is still only to reveal the underlying wholeness and harmony that is there, that has always been there, and that will always be there.

Transformation vs. Change 

So, what we are talking about here is transformation. Not change, but transformation. There is a difference between the two.
Transformation occurs when we expand our consciousness and our awareness of that which is true. When such expansion happens, everything that is not in alignment with that new level of being dissolves.

As we expand, we surrender to the next stage of our beingness, and the transformation into that stage occurs.

This can be likened to the metamorphosis that the caterpillar goes through in order to give birth to the butterfly.

The caterpillar is not trying to become the butterfly, but it surrenders to the next stage, and transformation happens.

When we are trying to change, on the other hand, there is a willfulness involved, we are trying to be different, trying to act different.

The change may be preceded by a growing awareness that we need to change, but the change itself is the result of an effort to be different.
In transformation, although there is absolutely inner work involved, there is no efforting to make it happen.

The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection

If you are walking the Path of Freedom and Awakening and feel that you are walking it alone or need support or guidance, we invite you to join Daniel in The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection

It is a beautiful and powerful ever-expanding healing collection of all of Daniel’s courses, talks, live events, prayers, podcast episodes, and meditations, as well as sacred readings and powerful transformational practices and exercises.

The Path to Freedom Ultimate Collection currently has over 380 tracks and videos, with more than 170 hours worth of listening and watching as well as a growing number of powerful exercises and questions.

Down below is a small sample of some of the content in the collection.

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