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Join our Loving, Thriving, and Supportive Freedom Tribe Family for our weekly Live Family Gatherings, Fridays at 8 am Eastern Time.

These Live gatherings are opportunities for us to connect and get to know each other so that we may support and uplift one another as we walk along this wonderful Path of Freedom.

To get the Zoom link to our next gathering, you can either download The Path to Freedom App, which has all the information, send a WhatsApp message or an email to FTF(@)danielroqueo.com.

Even if you cannot make our live gathering, all audio and video recordings of them are made available on The Path to Freedom App.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our next Tribe Family Gathering.

Freedom Tribe Family

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News and Updates to the App

My latest audio course, How To Master The Art of Manifestation 2.0, is now available on The Path to Freedom App.

Embark on this journey with me, where we cultivate a way of life that effortlessly allows for all the good we desire and more to flow into our experience with ease and grace.

Dive deep into over 40 sessions and 10+ hours of powerful and practical tools and practices that allow us to transform our lives and move into beautiful alignment with the Sacred Laws that govern our universe.

Ultimately, that we may set ourselves free to transform our lives and allow ever-expanding peace, love, joy, harmony, and abundance to flow into them.

A taste of the transformational content on The Path to Freedom App

Below is a small selection of the powerful content you will get access to when you download
The Path to Freedom App

Weekly Live Gatherings

Join and connect with our Loving, Thriving and Supportive Freedom Tribe Family at our weekly live gatherings.

The Path to Freedom

Immerse yourself in an immense collection of transformational talks to inspire, and empower you to set yourself free.

Master the Art of Manifestation

Enjoy powerful talks pertaining to the beautiful art of manifestation so as to allow for the good you desire to manifest into your life with ever-expanding ease and grace.

The Way of Meditation

Dive into a large number of meditations, guided, semi-guided, silent, sleep meditations, and morning meditations to assist you in allowing for a deep and profound sense of peace to emerge from within.


Enjoy close to countless hours of video recordings of all of my talks on various topics pertaining to the Path to Freedom and the Art of Manifestation.

Audio Courses

Take a deep dive into an ever-expanding collection of popular and powerful audio courses on various topics related to The Path to Freedom.

video courses

Video Courses

Dive into an ever-expanding collection of popular and powerful video courses on various topics relating to The Path to Freedom.

Transformative Processes & Exercises

Take a deep dive into the beautiful realm of self-awareness and introspection with a collection of powerful processes and exercises.

the power of prayer

The Healing Power of Prayer

Listen to or watch and be uplifted by a large collection of Six-Step Affirmative Prayers on various topics and themes catering to all aspects of life.

Download the Path to Freedom App for FREE Today

Join our Loving Community and start transforming your life today.
The Path to Freedom App is donations only so download it for FREE Now.

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Here is what people are saying about The Path to Freedom App and its powerful content

Daniel is a gifted emanation of God. Without even realizing it he immediately places you on a road to love, awareness , and healing. I’m filled with gratitude to be a student of this beautiful soul!


Thank you thank you thank you! This brought me to tears, touched my soul and transformed me in ways I cannot express. My deepest, most sincere gratitude to you and so much love 


May the peace of God, which transcend all understanging, guard your mind and your heart in Chris Jesus, amen and amen. May you continue to shine God’s light and love today and all the days of yor life. Bless you my amazing brother!


You are my hero Daniel. I can’t thank you enough for inspiring and leading me through some very dark times.


Daniel has an incredible gift and those who follow him are truly blessed to be able to follow him and that which he teaches.


That was the very best healing meditation I have EVER experienced! I am beyond grateful. – Kym


I am so grateful for finding you. I love your teachings. Slowly shifting my life from always seeing lack and so grateful I have the chance to change that. At Times I felt doomed until you wake up one morning and realize there is so much more to life than you ever thought. And boy does it feel amazing.


Daniel is amazing. A special soul. His joy and love is radiant. You truly feel his love and care. I am so grateful for his giving of himself to the one truth.. God is good and loving and always present. And when you connect with that… all IS truly well for when you have God you have EVERYTHING…So grateful . Much love and many blessings


Thank you Daniel. I’m so fortunate to have found you on insight timer. You have a great way of communicating your insight. You are one of my top teachers and I recommend listening to anything you publish.


You’ve helped me more than you will ever know and more than I can ever express. Thank you


Thank you Daniel just a little of your wisdom and advice has brought positive results in my life and I look forward to learning and growing more with you my friend


Daniel, this is the most beautiful narrative about transformation that I have ever heard. You have explained things so very beautifully that I have no doubt will resonate with many others. Thank you so very much


Daniel, thank you so for this transformational course that you’ve beautifully created! What an incredible journey this has been towards self-actualization. Your authenticity and dedication to help us achieve our Highest Destiny was real throughout the past 29 days! I will certainly do this course again. Thanks a lot and Namaste!


Daniel, the strength of your conviction through your words permeated my being & calmed my restless self down. There are times our human self creates fears & doubts & confusion & refuses to believe the truth… My mind wouldn’t relate but my heart knows… & your power of belief in this piece, is the straw it grasped on to today. Thank you blessed soul! Thank you for being!


Daniel, You are such a good reminder to be to find the joy and happiness in my life and celebrate. You have been a bright and shining light for me to strive for and I have such gratitude for you. Many blessings to you


Thank you Daniel, life is so much better with you in it


As always Daniel, you never let me down… Beautiful! I love how real you are, and you certainly make me smile with your laughter


I’ve always connected to the higher self through Daniel! You’re such a powerful channel… Bless you… & thank you so much! This was so peaceful & so powerful.


I have learned SO much from this beautiful man. Thank you.


Amen! Hallelujah! Thank you Daniel


Unbelievably good! Thank you, thank you!!


Absolutely wonderful! Thank you Daniel! Just what I needed tonite, perfect timing. I appreciate you!


I am at peace. Peace that passes all understanding. Thank you for your devotion and encouragement. All the lame stories of victim hood all fall away, as I’m reminded of pure loving peace.


Daniel i’am so greatful to have found you. You lift my life up on a special way. Your woords will be my thoughts and this is a really pleasure. Health and wholesness will be my own monument. Thank you for beeing here. I bless bless your day, i bless bless your way


Thank you SO much. I’m grateful for your style, voice, and positivity. I also love to smile and appreciate the reminders, and your laughter is infectious. Many blessings and Namaste.


Unbelievably good. I felt the divine energy. The presence in my essence. All of me healing with your words and prayers. Much love and thank you.


Your guided meditations and talks are always very insightful and have had a huge impact in my day to day thoughts. Thank you


Everyone needs this!!! Thank you for helping me remember & feel the peace that is always there.


I’m in tears. Exactly what I needed during this funk. tysm Daniel, may you be peaceful and happy


Your talks and meditations bless me with at least one major insight, every single time Thank you so much for your sacred work.


I am so grateful to have found your wonderful teachings! Thank you


You bring me to tears… thank you


Love the insights and the metaphor about the apple tree! Thank you.


What a beautiful, magical, prayerful gift of love and light this meditation is. With sweet tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, I feel as though the light within me has been turned up several notches while I have been emboldened to let it shine brighter than ever before. Thank you.


I heard Daniel for the first time just now and I am totally and completely in love with him and his heart. This was the best intentional 10 minutes I’ve spent in a long time. I’m so grateful to have found you, Daniel.


Thank you for sharing this wisdom. I needed the reminder right now because my Spirit was feeling very lost at the lack of physical manifestation in my life. This meditation is a lifeline for me. And it came in Divine Right Time.


It brought me to tears. I am enough. I am love. I am loved. Thank you so much for this blessing. Namaste


Uplifted me out of my fear before I face an important project but not before I stumbled a little in a bad start. I’ll start over now with these wise words in my heart


Thanks my friend. I bless, bless, bless your day and I bless, bless, bless your way.
Never give up teaching, it’s your gift to the world.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really hope you are planning a book because your content and wisdom are pure gold


you have helped me so much. and your words make me smile. grateful for your work, we love u


Awesome awesome Awesome!!! I feel so good so blessed and grateful. A change I feel. God is working miracles of surrender in my life. So grateful that God is using you.


extremey powerful thank you i needed this today been on a rough road lately


You are such a magnificent teacher! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making a difference in my life every day


Beatiful powerrful language! Extremely valuable. I will be coming back again and again. Thank you 


Daniel, thank you for your teachings. I am listening again and again


So many thanks for guiding me on my path, with such gentle and loving care.


The messages you share affect me in a way beyond what I can put into words. Thank you and namaste 


Absolutely fantastic experience !!


Unbelievably powerful and inspiring! Thank you SO much!


Your presence is divine. Thank you for what you do.


Thank you for helping me change my perspective.


Love this! This is awesome – thank you so much for your inspiring words – best message ever


Your prayers never fail to move me to tears. I felt a strong sense of becoming with this one. Thank you for the work you do


Thank you for sharing these profound sessions. They reach my heart centre


Gosh. You are such a gift! I can always count on you to be the rock I lean on. Thank you for these words, I needed them more than I knew today


… what an amazing concept I only wish the world to know. Namaste


This man changing lives out here. Thank you man


Thank you so much for your grounding presence in my life. You are a constant. Namaste


I give thanks for your wisdom and light that you share with the world


Thank you for your authenticity and vulnerability. Your impact is so great on my life and hearing you share similar obstacles is always validating and comforting. Thank you for being you!


Daniel, I think that the way you described our relationship with how we think and connect with spirit is unique and profound. It expresses how I feel but haven’t put words to. Thank you


Your message and share always helps me through the limited beliefs or distractions that I am currently putting energy towards. I am grateful for your share your words your inspiration. Peace and blessings to you 


Thank you, Daniel! Your authenticity and vulnerability are so refreshing, sharing the ups and downs of your own path to self-love, it’s not only brave, but super relatable!


I love you content. Thanks you for your dedication and sharing Wisdom


Man your stuff is changing my life. Thank you thank-you thank you


Daniel, again was drawn to this piece without knowing it’s by you so was such a pleasant surprise to my aching heart to hear your soothing familiar voice. & oh my, your perspectives woven into simple stories make it so simple to live even as our mind cimplicates & messes us up. The ant story was so comforting known the Universe is watching me & any now I’ll manifest what’s for me. Thank you so much, Daniel. Just your voice was reassuring enough & calmed me down immensely. Thank you for being! Thank you.


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