1-1 Sessions

A free 30-minute onboarding call

I invite you to schedule a 30-minute free onboarding call which will allow us to talk about your expectations, intentions, and desires, as well as for you to ask any questions that you may have about how any of the 1-1 sessions work.

The onboarding call is for you who have a desire to transform any area of your life or who desire to manifest the good that you desire with ease and grace, but who are not completely sure whether or not we are a match for each other or which kind of session will serve you the most.

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1-1 Message-based coaching

Get unlimited email and chat support, via email and WhatsApp for as long as you desire.

Enjoy the benefits of being able to receive coaching on any day, at any time, and from wherever you are.

Whenever you feel the need, send me an email or a message and I will respond within a few hours.

As long as the content is of a transformational nature, there is no limit as to how many emails or messages you can send.

Obviously, for as long as we are connected, I will be holding you in prayer and high consciousness.

Right off the bat, we will have a free  30-minute onboarding call where you get to share your expectations and where we will set an intention for the coaching.

Message-based coaching is a new and innovative way of coaching as it allows us to stay connected every day and all day.

You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Payment options are available.

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1-1 Video Coaching

During a transformational coaching session, it is my honor and privilege to lovingly and intuitively listen to and guide you along the path of freedom and awakening.

That you may begin to wake up to the truth and the essence of your being and forever allow for greater and grander expressions of who and what you are to emerge – with ease and grace.

Each session is 60 minutes and is held via Zoom in a safe and sacred environment.

Transformational coaching is for you who desire to transform any area of your life, allowing for ever increasing peace, love, joy, harmony, wholeness, and abundance to flow into your life.

Transformational coaching is also for you who seek to manifest the good that you desire with ease and grace.

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Nia 5 stages Workout (30 min)

Being a powerful fusion of dance, martial arts, and mindfulness practices, Nia fills a void where other traditional fitness programs fall short.

During this 20-minute workout I will guide you through the 5 stages of human evolution; embryonic, creeping, crawling, standing, and walking.

Schedule a Nia 5 Stages Workout

1-1 Meditation Session

If you are seeking to learn meditation, I would love to be of servive.

During a 1-1 meditation session, you will have the ability to have your questions with regards to meditation answered, and we will obviously have a silent meditation session to get your meditation practice started.

This session is for you who desire to learn or deepen the art and practice of meditation. 

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1-1 Forgiveness Session

In this forgiveness session, I will guide you through a simple yet powerful forgiveness practice that you may release and let go of the negativity, resentment, blame, anger, and hatred you may be holding on to toward another individual.

These low-level vibrations are toxic to the body, creating conditions where lack, scarcity, illness, and disease may flourish.

And so, going through this forgiveness session you begin to set yourself free to allow health, wholeness, peace, harmony, love, compassion and abundance to well up from within you. 

This forgiveness session is for you who are holding on to negativity toward another being or an external condition and are willing to set yourself free to be in peace, joy, love, harmony, and wholeness, regardless of what another has done or not done.

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1-1 Prayer Support Session

During a prayer support session, I will hold you, a loved one, a condition, or whatever you request, in a high prayer.

Now, prayer is not about begging or beseeching Spirit to give us anything or to change anything but prayer is about treating our minds and our consciousness so that we move into vibrational alignment with the good that we desire…thus calling it forth into our experience.

A prayer support session is for you who are facing a challenge; a condition or a circumstance that you see no way through or around.

It is for you who are experiencing fear, worry, doubt, stress, anxiety, resentment, negativity, despair, or any other such emotion, and who wish to release and let them go.

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1-1 Guided Meditation on a topic of your choosing

During this guided meditation session I will guide you through a meditation on any topic of your choosing, thus assisting you to release and let go of fear, worry, doubt, lack, limitation, as well as small and limited stories, perceptions, points of views and thoughts as to what should and should not be.

In a safe and secure environment, I will intuitively and lovingly guide you to a place and space where you know and feel that all is well, right now in this very moment.

Allowing for the peace, harmony, and wholeness that is inherent within you to emerge and well up from the depth of your being.

A guided meditation session is for you who wish to transcend small and limited thought patterns, opinions, judgments, beliefs, perceptions, and points of view.

It is for you who perhaps have not yet created a meditation practice for yourself but still wish to experience the immense benefits of meditation along with the benefits of affirmations and suggestions.

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If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear from you.