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1-1 Transformational Coaching (60-min)

Transformational coaching rests firmly on the two principles that Spirit is all there is and that Spirit is forever for every single one of us. 

During a transformational coaching session, it is my honor and privilege to hold a safe and loving space for you while I intuitively guide you along The Path to Freedom.

All the while knowing that you are, always have been, and always will be unique, perfect, whole, and complete expression of Spirit, and thus that all the good that you desire for yourself, inherently is within you.

That you may allow for more love, peace, joy, harmony, wholeness, and abundance than you have ever imagined flowing into your experience.

That you may allow for ever greater and grander expressions of who and what you are to emerge

That you may allow for all the good you desire, and beyond, to flow into your experience. With ever-increasing ease and grace.

Always independently of any external circumstance or condition.

In other words, transformational coaching is, first and foremost, not about you seeking to change your external conditions to fit your desired outcomes and end results, but it is about you transforming the way you view yourself and life.

And as consciousness always precedes form, when you begin to do this inner work, the whole Universe will rise up to meet you at your new consciousness and all aspects of your life will begin to change accordingly.

As a Transformational Coach, assisting, facilitating and serving this inner transformation is my primary task and responsibility.

Who is Transformational coaching for? 

Transformational coaching is for you who desire to:

– consciously and continuously take your life to the next level
– wish to consciously wake up to who and what you are
– cultivate a deep and profound sense of self-love
– open yourself up to new possibilities for your life 
– release fear, worry and doubt where the future is concerned
– navigate through challenges in your life 
shine the light of your being evermore brightly
– free yourself of the sense of not being enough or not having enough
– deepen your understanding of the sacred laws and their principles
– allow for the good you desire (and more) to manifest 

All sessions are 60-min long and is held via Zoom in a safe and sacred space.

But before we come to that, if we have not met in a coaching session before, I would love to meet with you in a free and unconditional Exploration Call as described below.

A free 30-minute Exploration Call

If we have not met in a coaching session before, I invite you to schedule a 30-minute completely free and unconditional exploration call. 

The call is held in a safe and sacred Zoom-room and takes about 30-min.

The purpose of this call is for us to get to know each other a little bit and explore how I may serve you in the highest possible way.

Please click the button below to schedule our call.

I am very much looking forward to meeting with you in that call.

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