1-1 Sessions

1-1 Transformational Coaching (60-min)

During a transformational coaching session, it is my honor and privilege to lovingly and walk with and guide you along the Path of Freedom.

That you may allow for more love, peace, joy, harmony, wholeness and abundance than you have every imagined to flow into your experience.

That you may allow for ever greater and grander expressions of who and what you are to emerge

That you may allow for all the good you desire, and beyond, to flow into your experience. With ever-increasing ease and grace. 

Always independently of any external circumstance or condition.

In other words, transformational coaching is first and foremost not about you seeking to change your external conditions to fit your desired outcome and end results, but it is about you transforming the way you view yourself and life.

And as consciousness always precedes form, when you begin to do this inner work, the whole Universe will rise up to meet you at your new consciousness and all aspects of your life will begin to change accordingly.

As a Transformational Coach, to assist and serve this inner work is my main taska and responsibility.

Transformational coaching is for you who desire to:
experience more love, peace, joy, harmony and abundance 
– transform any area of your life
– release and let go of fear, worry and doubt 
– navigate through life’s challenges

– free yourself from past experiences
– have a deeper understanding of the sacred laws governing our lives
– transform how you veiw yourself and your life

– see the good you desire manifest with ease and grace

A free 30-minute exploration call

I invite you to schedule a 30-minute free exploration call where we get to explore whether we are a match to each other and how I may be of highest service to you.



If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear from you.