I was being hard on myself for low motivation today. When you said, “ What was I talking about?”, you made me silly grin and I feel a safe space around your positivity glowing personality! You’re the kind of people I I wish I could have around me. 


Daniel is a gifted emanation of God. Without even realizing it he immediately places you on a road to love, awareness , and healing. I’m filled with gratitude to be a student of this beautiful soul!


Daniel, You are such a good reminder to be to find the joy and happiness in my life and celebrate. You have been a bright and shining light for me to strive for and I have such gratitude for you. Many blessings to you


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your guidance, positivity, laughter, and gentle style. I feel high on love and gratitude after that… SO good. Many blessings and Namaste Daniel


I’ve always connected to the higher self through Daniel! You’re such a powerful channel… Bless you… & thank you so much! This was so peaceful & so powerful. 


As always Daniel, you never let me down… Beautiful! I love how real you are, and you certainly make me smile with your laughter


Absolutely wonderful! Thank you Daniel! Just what I needed tonite, perfect timing. I appreciate you!


Amen! Hallelujah! Thank you Daniel


Lovely, simply lovely. Thank you for your service 


I have worked with Daniel closely for an extended period of time and continue to do so. Daniel is a gentle, humane, nonjudgemental spirit with excellent intuitive skills. He has provided me with tangible exercises which have helped me move forward on my journey. I have gained many valuable insights about the path I am on. I believe his genuine and authentic care has made a huge difference in my healing. Daniel is a gift to our universe.

Pamela M

Daniel i’am so greatful to have found you. You lift my life up on a special way. Your woords will be my thoughts and this is a really pleasure. Health and wholesness will be my own monument. Thank you for beeing here. I bless bless your day, i bless bless your way


I am at peace. Peace that passes all understanding. Thank you for your devotion and encouragement. All the lame stories of victim hood all fall away, as I’m reminded of pure loving peace.


Thank you SO much. I’m grateful for your style, voice, and positivity. I also love to smile and appreciate the reminders, and your laughter is infectious. Many blessings and Namaste. 


Unbelievably good! Thank you, thank you!!


Very peaceful, felt like I was floating after. A rememberance of our authentic power.


Thank you for the love healing and compassion that comes thru you. God bless you.


Unbelievably good. I felt the divine energy. The presence in my essence. All of me healing with your words and prayers. Much love and thank you.


I have learned SO much from this beautiful man. Thank you.


Daniel, Bless, Bless, Bless You…


Sublime I just love your authentic self


I’m in tears. Exactly what I needed during this funk. tysm Daniel, may you be peaceful and happy


You bring me to tears… thank you


Thank you for your amazing healing energy, Daniel. All is well


Everyone needs this!!!  Thank you for helping me remember & feel the peace that is always there.


Amen. So powerful. Thank you thank you thank you. God bless


Love the insights and the metaphor about the apple tree! Thank you.


I am so grateful for finding you. I love your teachings. Slowly shifting my life from always seeing lack and so grateful I have the chance to change that. And boy does it feel amazing.


May the peace of God, which transcend all understanging, guard your mind and your heart in Chris Jesus, amen and amen. May you continue to shine God’s light and love today and all the days of yor life. Bless you my amazing brother! 


Daniel is amazing. A special soul. His joy and love is radiant. You truly feel his love and care. I am so grateful for his giving of himself to the one truth.. God is good and loving and always present. And when you connect with that… all IS truly well for when you have God you have EVERYTHING…So grateful . Much love and many blessings


Thank you Daniel, life is so much better with you in it


Your guided meditations and talks are always very insightful and have had a huge impact in my day to day thoughts. Thank you


I am so grateful to have found your wonderful teachings! Thank you


Your talks and meditations bless me with at least one major insight, every single time Thank you so much for your sacred work.


This is purely divine and fully satisfying. It meets you in every space of your being


I heard Daniel for the first time just now and I am totally and completely in love with him and his heart. This was the best intentional 10 minutes I’ve spent in a long time. I’m so grateful to have found you, Daniel.


You’ve helped me more than you will ever know and more than I can ever express. Thank you


Dear Daniel thank you for all of the sessions we have had. I am sure that today was not our last – I will continue to put onto practice all that you have taught me . I was about to say that I found you by chance but no that is definitely not true as nothing happenea by chance – I was guided to you . With the recent death of my husband, my levels of fear and anxiety and dread were sky nigh in august when we started our journey together. I now know and feel that all is well and all will be well. I know how to bring myself back to the now when fear of the future pushes it’s way back into my consciousness.Spirit is with me always but sometimes my ego gets in the way and fear pops up again but I no longer need to go through life making dramas out of life – I can be calm and peaceful and continue to trust that all is well and all will be well. Thank you Daniel for opening my eyes to just how wonderful life is – even the sad parts. I have so very much to be grateful for . Thank you for your love and calmness, patience and guidance  I highly recommend you as a transformational coach.
With love and gratitude.

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