How to Practice the Presence – Audio Course

The Practicing the Presence Audio Course

The collective human consciousness is under the aegis of insanity. Fear, worry, and doubt are running amok in the world and in people’s lives.

Most people are hijacked by their minds, giving whatever thoughts or emotions they experience the power to run them more or less completely.

The thing is that it does not have to be this way.

And so, the purpose and intention of this course is to provide you with everything you need to reclaim your sanity, to free yourself from being hijacked by the content that flows through your mind.

So that you may move through life in ever-expanding peace, joy, and harmony. Regardless of external conditions or circumstances.

This course provides simple, powerful tools and practices that allow you to begin to stay grounded, centered, and anchored in the nowness of this moment.

So that you may remain ever more untouched and unmoved by the content in your mind.

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About the Course

The Practicing the Presenceis a powerful 23-lesson audio course.

These add up to more than 6 hours of practical tools and practices that will allow you to allow you to reclaim your sanity while moving through this insane world that we are living in.

When purchasing the Practicing the Presence audio course, you will also get access to The Path to Freedom App, which is an ever-expanding collection of pretty much everything you need to live a powerful life as a conscious co-creator.


Here is what some of the students of the Practicing the Presence audio course, have to say about it. 

So wonderful! I found out a lot about myself and I’m ready to start the course all over again so I can continue to expand. Thank you, Daniel!


Absolutely amazing! What a wonderful person and an incredible inspiration. Everyone in our world needs this course NOW!


The course is long but well worth the listen. It offers lots of good information and spoke to me on many levels..I will listen again. Thank you

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