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In order to allow our dream to keep unfolding, we need to release our fears and have faith in the process. We need totrust in the perfect order. Always.

Allow your dream to unfold – perfectly

As any entrepreneur and freelance writer knows, from time to time we bump into periods when inspiration and creativity appear dissipated. Where it seems as though we are stagnated, at a standstill. In those periods it is vital that we keep our faith in the process, that we release our worries and keep trusting in…
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Our Highest Self is forever guiding us forward. As a freelance writer we are wise to learn to hear and surrender to the still small voice within us.

Have faith in the sweet, still and small voice

As a freelance writer, there are many choices to be made. Many forks in the road. Learning to listen and surrender to the soft whisperings of the still small voice within us is a beautiful approach to this life. We always need to remember that Life is always for us and that the Highest potential…
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Opportunities are everywhere. Hold fast to your intention, always strive for excellence, persevere, hang in there, keep moving forward. It will pay off.

Knock, knock – “who is there?” “Opportunities adinfinitum!”

As a freelance writer there will be ups and downs. If you are just starting out, you probably have some way to go before you have made a name for yourself. Before potential clients begin to seek you out. Know, however, that opportunities are everywhere. Hold fast to your intention, strive for excellence in all…
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life as a freelance writer

Life as a freelance writer

Making the choice to become a freelance writer can be a huge one. But a rewarding on at that, for anyone who is willing to pay their dues to become successful. For me, writing has always been one of the greatest passions in life. Yet, I struggled a bit with choosing a niche – which…
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Life of a freelance writer - the startup

The life as a freelance writer – the startup

As I am now leaping into the field of freelance writing a whole new world is opening up. There is so much I need to learn. So much I need to discover. I know there is no rush, but still, I am slightly overwhelmed by being a freelance content writer. Which is why I chose…
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