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In this challenge, my lesson is to learn to deepen my trust in the goodness of God and the Divine order, rather than trusting the fearful ego.

I’ve got to trust Life more than fear

Right now, since about a week back, I find myself deep in a tremendous challenge. I have been through many challenges before and so I know what they are about. I know that they are divine blessings of transformation. Stair steps toward greater levels of consciousness. However, right now it is all I can do…
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Every challenge we face is a Divine lesson, a gift of transformation

Thank you for the lesson I am being given

Every challenge that we face, ever obstacle that we encounter is nothing but a lesson and a blessing. A gift of transformation. Some are quickly learned, others take longer to learn. I am in the midst of one such recurring lesson right now. A recurring lesson Right now I am experiencing a recurring lesson. It…
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meditation is re-connecting with the nowness of this moment

I need to re-connect with the nowness of this moment

The nowness of this moment, is the most important of all moments. It is the only moment there ever is. Right now though, I have found myself slipping away from this moment, and so I need to re-connect with the nowness of this moment. I have slipped out of the moment In this moment, I…
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