Sometimes not feeling good is good in progress

Sometimes not feeling good is good in progress

I am in a blessed state of not feeling good right now. It is blessed because I know that sometimes not feeling good is good in progress.

Right now, I am not feeling too good. I am going through a period of darkness where the old is dying, that the new may emerge. In this period of sweet release of the small and limited, I experience fitfulness and restlessness. As I know what is going on, this is a beautiful thing. It is truly a blessing.

Spirituality is not about feeling good all the time

Along the spiritual path you will eventually and repeatedly enter into periods of not feeling good. Of periods of inner turmoil and turbulence.

Periods where you feel dark, dank, and disconnected from the Light and luminosity that you perhaps used to dwell in.

Please be aware that these periods are not evidence of something being wrong. Please be aware that spirituality is not about feeling good all of the time.

I am in such a period right now.

Periods of sweet release

These dark periods of feeling bad are actually oftentimes good in progress.

I few weeks ago I had a major insight as to who and what I am, who and what God is.

I have had many such insights but none as profound as this. This time I felt my whole being shift and move into a higher state of consciousness.

The first few days after the insight I was soaring in high frequencies. But then I went into a dark space of feeling bad, incongruent, and lost.

It was like someone had blindfolded me.

The person I used to be didn’t exist any more, yet the new me had not fully emerged yet.

This sparked the confused state I now find myself in. As I have been here many times before I understand what is going on.

The old is dying, and the new is emerging – and in between my ego has gone temporarily blind. I have lost almost all of my previous points of reference.

It is a period of integration. A period of sweet release. This is what is causing my not feeling good.

I am truly grateful

I am truly grateful. Both for the wonderful thing that is taking place right now in the unfolding of my soul. And for my understanding of what is going on.

When I first began to have these experiences, I had no clue what was happening, and so experienced a lot of fear.

I had entered onto the spiritual path – which was said to bring a sense of peace, freedom, and joy. But here I was feeling perhaps worse than ever before.

And so before I learned that this is the path, I thought that something was wrong.

Now though, even though I am not feeling good on the surface, underneath – when I become still and turn my attention within; there is only peace.

There, within me, there is only joy, gratitude and bliss.

Even though on the surface, there is turmoil.

This is the spiritual path. You will experience turbulence and discomfort as that which no longer serves you needs to come to the surface that you may embrace it, allow it and let it go.

And when it does surface, it is oftentimes messy.

Bless that mess.

Keep moving in the direction of your vision, intention, and mission. Keep being of service – giving and sharing of that which you have to give and share.

You are right on track.


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