Learning how these sacred laws of spirituality work, is essential for any freelance writer as it makes it so much easier to get where we want to get.

I could not have this blog without incorporating one of the topics that mean the most to me – spirituality. Spirituality is about realizing and pursuing the Divine purpose of our existence. This means learning about that which is True and Real, the sacred laws, such as The Law of Attraction. Going beyond the ego and the small and limited stories that it tells us. Spirituality means surrendering to a God that is everywhere present, never in absence.

What is Spirituality?

Let me begin by saying that spirituality has nothing to do with religion. Religion oftentimes is a set of dogmas or rules that its followers need to adhere to.

Also, religion is the worship of an external deity, a God out there somewhere. And we need to please and appease this external deity or Godhead to get to heaven or wherever the particular religion states.

In spirituality, there are no laws, regulations, decrees or commandments. There is no external God or Spirit passing judgment upon us and our lives. There is only Love and compassion. Only unity – oneness.

God, or Life or Spirit, or Love or Consciousness, or whatever we choose to call it, is everywhere present. Not more present in one place than in another. Never more present in one being than in any other. But fully present everywhere.

What does it mean to be spiritual?

As we walk the path of unfolding, consciously seeking to become more and more aware of that which is True and Real, we gradually come to realize that Life is always for us. Never against us.

As we come to know this, not only intellectually but knowing it on a deep soulful level, fear begins to dissolve. Fear of failing, fear of not being enough, of not having enough.

The ego, that gives rise to the fear, begins to grow quiet within us. And as we gradually become more and more still we begin to catch the sweet whisperings of the still small voice within us. The voice of our soul, of our Highest Self, that is eternally whispering words of wisdom and guidance to us.

Living a spiritual life is to realize that there is a Loving presence all around and in us. This presence (Life) is always seeking to give us all the good that it has to offer. And we have not come here by chance or by luck, but we have come here for a reason. We have a purpose and we are to learn to surrender to this purpose and let it guide us in and through life.

Our purpose

What, then, is our purpose? We all share a common purpose to reveal and reflect God in ever greater and grander ways. In other words, our purpose is to grow and to unfold. It is to continuously allow for our little selves to die. That a greater and grander version of who we are may emerge. In and through us.

We have all come here to give ourselves permission to eternally come into a greater and grander expression of our Highest Self.

This is the purpose that we all share. However, how this purpose translates into our lives, is uniquely different for all of us.

In other words, each of us, while sharing the same purpose, has a unique mission to carry out. A mission to realize and cultivate our innate and unique set of gifts, talents, and abilities and share them with the world. To the best of our ability, always in greater and grander ways.

My mission, as I have come to interpret and catch it, is to inspire, empower and uplift the world through my writing. That the world may become a better place for all beings. That is what I am doing. That is why I have this ever expanding business.

You have your own set of gifts, talents and abilities that you are to share with the world.

Life is always for us

As we embark upon the adventure of seeking higher and higher ways to be of service to humanity, we will encounter challenges.

However, contrary to popular belief, challenges are not Life seeking to hold us back or denying us the good that we desire. In fact, they are gifts and blessings of transformation.

Challenges are stepping stones, leading us to higher and higher expressions – if only we realize that that is the purpose of each and every challenge we face.

Life is forever for us, never ever against us. Life is for us because it is in and through us that Life itself comes into forever greater and grander expressions. If it wasn’t for all of its creations Life would not be anything but a formless and expressionless presence.

Thus, the will of Life is that all of life eternally comes into greater and grander expression. The will of Life is that each of us follows our heart’s desires. That we allow our passion and bliss to guide and lead us forth.

That is what Life wills for all of us

Therefore, Life is always for u. Always supporting us, always guiding and leading us along our unique and particular path.

If only we let it. If only we give it permission.

The Law of Attraction

Now, as we move through life, we need to realize that there is only Divine Order in the cosmos. This means that nothing ever happens by chance or luck or happenstance. Events may appear to be serendipitous, but they never are.

There are sacred laws governing all of existence – making sure that things never just happen but that everything happens just.

You may have heard of one of these laws; The Law of Attraction. It is the main topic of the movie “The Secret” and other movies and books of that genre.

Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited

In other words, whatever we experience is never a case of bad luck or ill chance, but the direct result of what we are thinking and feeling.

Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited but it comes because we want it or because we don’t want it. Our predominant feeling sends out a message that the sacred laws pick up and mirrors back as our experiences.

Learning how these sacred laws work is essential for any entrepreneur and freelance writer as it makes it so much easier to maneuver through life.

Bracket all fears, worries and doubts

As we learn how these laws work, the need for manipulating and competing with others dissolve.

Manipulating and competing, arises out of an illusion of lack and separation. This illusion gives birth to fear, worry and doubt which then are picked up by the sacred laws and is reflected as our experience.

But as we embark upon the spiritual path we eventually bump into the awareness that Life is forever for us. And we begin to place more of our trust in Life than in the ego, more in Love than in fear.

As decreed by the sacred laws, as we elevate our feeling tone from lack to abundance, from fear to joy and gratitude, new and expanded experiences will come into our lives. Doors that used to be closed and hidden are revealed and opened.

New possibilities, beyond what we can imagine begins to emerge – only because we have (consciously or unconsciously) moved ourselves in alignment with the Laws governing our cosmos.

The Love & Light Store

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Summing up

Spirituality is a way of life. It is realizing that there is a higher purpose to our existence and learning to surrender to the loving presence that is everywhere present. Aligning our lives with the will of Life, that we may do what we came here to do; allowing fear, worry and doubt to dissolve that peace, joy, and Love may emerge in their place.


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